Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Grin and Bear It

It’s field trip time for a few Madison Faire students. Where are they headed? The South Harston Museum of Art. For what purpose? Well, to be more cultured, obviously.

What shenanigans will take place on the trip there? What awaits our heroes? Paintings? Sculptures? Perhaps, something more devious. . .

Side chatter



  1. Oh god… the cash register… Caleb and Shawty fighting… my eyes are leaking…

  2. “Stop talking about your dick!” “I was talking about yours.” “Oh, okay.”
    Oh God. I’m nearly suffocating from all the laughs… The picture! Oh God!

    1. Author

      Man, I don’t remember anything other than the basic story beats from this game now. I think this was the game we played literally the first time I went to meet Nate and Manda in-person.

  3. With all the Shawty shenanigans that went on in this session, a thought came to mind: Caleb could actually make a rather good hit-man if he tried. Shawty’s telepathic abilities would allow for the gathering of highly reliable intel for the job without his position being compromised, the invisibility from bending light would allow for him to more easily position himself to deliver the deathblow, and the 5 minute time jump would make Caleb able to get the drop on a target during missions that would’ve otherwise been a bust. Thinking about it, the only factor that makes this scenario not viable is 2Dope’s disposition, as stealth doesn’t really seem to be his style… (Well, that was a random thought…)
    On topic with the actual session, the connection to Odyn’s previous host was a surprise to me. I figured that Odyn was connected to children other than Emma in the past, but I didn’t figure that one of the previous connections would be so… recent. A decade sounds like a large time gap, but considering Odyn’s nature of continuous psychological torture, one would figure that Odyn would stick to a single host until there was no more suffering he could inflict on his host. As such, one would figure that Odyn would stick around for the life span of the child, and prevent any sort of death by unnatural causes. As such, the general existence of the echo of Brendan Heeley struck an odd note to me: either Odyn couldn’t save him, or didn’t save him. So that begs one of two questions: “What could have possibly made Odyn decide to bail?” or, “What could have been nasty enough to beat Odyn into submission?”
    Taking into consideration how Odyn stuck around in spite of the Mayan God Bird to torture Emma, whatever it was must have been particularly nasty. Sounds to me like a rather nasty fight may come about from whatever caused the death of Brendan Heeley, but seeing how the environment of the scenario was what appeared to be the Reverse world, it seems highly likely that the group over in Athens has already gone toe-to-toe with it. I do wonder if that’s actually the case, though, as I don’t recall ever hearing any specification on the life span of a Shade, and there is the possibility that the death could have been the result of a different kind of supernatural phenomenon. Will whatever caused that show back up? I don’t know, but I’m not certain that it really matters. This is just ramblings of speculation, after all…

    1. This is an EXCELLENT COMMENT! All I can tell you is that I really appreciate comments like this and maybe direct you to some of the answers you may be looking for in GRIN AND BEAR IT PART TWOOOOOOOOO

      1. *Le Gasp*! My comment is appreciated?! I feel so honored! And what’s this? A PART TWO?! Prioritized tuning-in, AWAY!!!

    2. Author

      In regards to Caleb the hitman, that’s an avenue we’ve actually covered in another vignette. It’s a thing he actually did in his past, and a thing he regrets doing forever.

      1. I didn’t know about that, so thank you for telling me about it. I’m not fond of spoilers, though, so I’m a little sad that you specified details I haven’t got to yet…

        1. Dude( or dudette) have you not listened to road trip! Cause if you had you would know what that thing in the house that tried to grab Brendan was, and you would know that it is one of the scariest thing in their rollplaying world and could probly kill Odyn. So my thought really is…. How’d Odyn get away alive?

  4. Finally they bring up Brendon being the one that Fox was after! Bout time! It was kind of obvious to me( not to sound like a stuck up prick), and bothered me that no one else realized it, or at least did something after the fact if they did.

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