Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 50 – Mostly Involves Robots

The Rugby game has passed in triumph, and the strange showdown with the opposing team’s monsters has been resolved. What does that mean for our intrepid heroes?

That’s right. It’s Robot Time.

Side chatter



  1. The robot needs to join the team as a second monster for Tim. It can serve as a cheerful sponge for Hammerstein’s endless puns.

  2. oh now we NEED to get Jingles an old-timey radio/turntable to back up Blood Rhino. unless she turns out to be the undead Yoko for the group

  3. When it was mentioned that Caleb kept rolling so many fives, did anyone else think about how Shawty lets him hop *FIVE* minutes forward/backward in time?

    1. Author

      Honestly, I didn’t consider it. That seems rather ominous, now that you mention it.

      1. Cue ominous time-travel music.

  4. I thought they would do more with the robot. Like Tim should have done a lot more with it. Asked it’s number so he could talk with it daily. Asked if he could check out the mechanics of him close up and personal. Asked who created him. You know a lot more then he did. I’m a little disappointed James.

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