Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 49 – The Full Rugby

The kids survived the Big Dance. Now it’s Saturday, and it is time for the Big Game, and the question must be asked: how exactly does one rugby? It seems like nobody really knows, and Coach Ditka’s plan is to toss some people into the mix and tell them to reach out and TOUCH somebody.

This can really only end well. High contact sports are exactly what the doctor prescribed for a group of friends suffering from an inflammation of the kidnap.

Side chatter



  1. Misleading cast list. I got hyped when I saw Ty and August up there. They did not appear. FOR SHAME.

    Good show nevertheless. Everybody had their fair share of spotlight (though not enough Jingles – NEVER ENOUGH JINGLES, I love hearing her insult people without remorse), and it was cool to see other kids with monsters. Also great to hear poetics and Star Wars referenced extensively in the same conversation.

    1. This is the last time I check the comments before listening all the way through the recording.

  2. i can testify for one friend from my voice game that you do have at least one Scottish listener

    highlights include indignant Hammerstein and everything Coach Ditka. just as funny with Matt as Charlie

  3. I just imagine that when the have to be really quiet in the locker room, George and Manny hunker down in a corner, Manny puts his hand over George’s mouth, and George puts his hand over Manny’s mouth.

  4. Sounded like Matt had a lot of fun playing Coach Ditka, and I hope that George now has a fear of ghost and realizes the pain and fear of burning alive, because seriously, that is one of the worse ways to die. No matter how bad a person may be, no one realy deserves that. No one!

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