War. War never changes. The Jackal menace has been driven off, and the small group of survivors in the Great Lakes region are starting a settlement. With one year to build and fortify, can the city stand firm in the desolate post apocalypse?

Here’s the map of the city that was made.

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The Spirits of Prominence have managed to cut Thaleus’ base of power out from under him. The night of the meeting is at hand, and it is time for the heroes to face their new enemy at last.

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The Spirits of Prominence are sprinting against time to stop a master villain from uniting the city’s gangs and wreaking havoc on Prominence. They need to cut away the base of power being formed, and doing so will mean getting…creative.

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The Spirits of Prominence have gotten a rare break recently, and the city has been quiet. Unfortunately, there’s a new player in town. The gangs are on the move, and someone is waging a shadow war.

It’s up to the Spirits to solve the mystery and leap into action before the whole city tears down around them.

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Odd things are going on in the town nearby the Project’s base. A mission sends some of the newer PIXIES into the heart of the strangeness, to seek it out and tear it down and put an end to it.

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