Mrs Frieda’s Session 47 – Blood Rhino Rides Again

Amazingly enough, through life-threatening situations, teenage drama and angst, and supernatural power convergences, life goes on. Our heroes have recovered a bit, and while wounds – both physical and mental – are still being nursed and secrets are still being kept, life’s not that bad.

What this means, however, is that the greatest challenge of all still awaits: the High School Dance.

Can the kids survive their first brush with teenage romance? Will the punch remain un-spiked? And most importantly, can anyone actually dance?

Yo, dis is News Bird. I accidentally dropped the Side Chatter into a wood chippa. My b, guys. My b.



  1. News Bird,you delightful son of a fuck…

  2. Am I the only one who thought that the Blood Rhino performance should have ended with Manny using his bass to slay the dragon?

    1. Yes. Quite frankly, the bass shouldn’t be brought out unless it’s going to slay SOMETHING. Drunk and Ugly has taught me that all guitars are automatically weapons.

      Good session. It was fun to hear Nele struggle with the concept of a date. Perfect pairing in Etsu; any other girl would’ve dumped him moments after he first opened his mouth. Great to see Tim return – the concert wouldn’t have been the same without ‘im. Also? George? Probably shouldn’t have turned down the twenty-year-old, though that might speak to greater moral fortitude than he’s shown in the past few episodes.

      Orrrrrrrrr he’s just well versed in the dangers of STDs. Take your pick.

  3. “The PA Sys–…junkyard.”

    1. Author

      Tim is super innovative and/or inventive.

  4. BQ is a little pushy. And Charlie making the pool part similar to that one music video make me a little sick. 🙁

    1. Author

      Most of us didn’t actually know about that music video until he talked about it.

      1. Listening to this makes me want to watch that video again….. No! Bad thoughts go away! Go away!

  5. ‘We play Freebird’

    Immediately stop the video, play Freebird. Fuckin. Yes.

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