Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 36 – Bad Reception

Following the closing of the “Case of the Mysteriously Launched Coffee Cans” with the discovery of a playful robot, life resumes at Spring Crescent and Madison Faire mostly unabated.

Emma’s visit to Troy’s nightclub district did not go unreported, so she’s got a meeting with the school counselor. Dr. G is, to put it simply, a very understanding guy.

This session was conducted with a parallel text roleplay, telling a story with Scott and Emma. While not critical to the plot of this session, it adds a nice bit of extra character development.  Those stories can be read here and here.



  1. So Emma finally has a completely and utterly trustworthy adult to talk to about all her darkest secrets. There is no way that this could possibly go wrong. Nope, nothing sinister about him.

    Nice session. Looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

  2. Man that opening scene was intense. James was that scripted or was that you analyzing Emma on the fly? Cause either way, that was crazy.

    Also Tim’s argument with the Yace of Rith was funny: “We are an ancient race that has evolved beyond the need for sarcasm! But still look upon it with nostalgia.”

  3. For the record, that segment was entirely improvised. It’s a wonder what you can do when you have a wide survey of psychology and you as a player already know exactly what the problem is.

  4. Dr. G definitely has some monster/weird kid experience.
    Okay, that noise that Manda made when the health teacher was talking about blowjobs made me wonder in Manny had gotten one…
    Yeesh, Charlie, what kind of research did you do while you were making this character?

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