Legend of the Five Rings – Journey to The West Session 2

When we last left our trio of “heroes,” they were leaving the village of Clearwater. They continue to track their guide West.

On the journey, the trio tell each other tall tales and blatant lies in order to stave off the boredom. Eventually, they reach a crossroads upon a vast plain.

They will travel to the Crab Lands, following the Shadowlands tainted hermit.


  • James – Akasko Tripitaka.  A straight-lace, sarcastic historian/monk who is suddenly way in over his head
  • Matt – Sun Toku.  Former leader of the Monkey Clan, sent on a false mission across the Shadowlands, where he was corrupted with the Taint, granting him extraordinary abilities and stranding him far from home.
  • Manda – Matsu Bajie.  A jovial pig woman; once a respected general in the Lion clan, now a hedonistic exile and amateur comedian.

Side Chatter

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