Sordid Dystopia – No Use Shootin’ a Dead Horse

The cast and crew of the runaway train is back for more action! The port town of Al Lagosa is (remarkably) still standing. Rave has been contracted for his first Mercenary Solo mission. (It’s probably not janitorial work).

Joined by a young Umbra, flung far from her home in search of human societies’ secrets, Rave will be sent into the dark reached of New Xexoria.


  • Zach – Arraveous “Rave” Varren. A green-haired, suit-wearing, sunglass-sporting, gunslinging mercenary.  Perhaps not as cool as he thinks he is.
  • Nate – Gann Endri.  A young mainland Umbra who left her village as an explorer. Gann Endri has been exploring the bearable edges of the southern wastes of New Xexoria for awhile, and has been intensely curious about human society.


  1. Just as a heads up, there’s a game that happens before this one that isn’t. So if you don’t know why Rave doesn’t use the stuff he got from this episode, it’s cause he doesn’t have it yet.

    1. I think this might’ve been the game where I completely forgot how Rave talked. I blame Agnes not being around.

  2. Are we ever going to have an all Mercenary Group game? I.E. Rave, Agnis, and Yuso all together being terrible mercs but hilarious characters?

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