Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 32 – I Hate Emoticons

The strange treasure hunt continues! The gang, having survived their experience in the junkyard, are off to pay a visit to Rebecca Black.

In the meantime, August is contacted by the High School’s Janitor-Sorcerer, Cecil. The cryptic information broker takes him out to get pizza, and makes him a deal. He’ll help August get rid of Buibui, if August tracks down a certain redheaded Irish boy.

It seems like a solid deal, until it quickly becomes clear that Brendan is linked to some very scary stuff. Shadows lurk in his past.

Side chatter



  1. I like how Cecil is a wizard and a creeper, but the thing everyone keeps going back to is that he is a janitor. You guys are hating on janitors so much. You are racist against janitors. It makes me so sad.

    (I am a janitor, you see.)

    1. Janitorial high-five!

      I actually rant about the stress and difficulties of being a janitor, like, every time Cecil the Janitor comes up. I’m pretty sure Matt cuts it out every time, though. Usually too off-topic and also goes on forever.

  2. Yeah always to the fact he’s a janitor
    Oh and yeah wizard, magic, evil Odyn artifact and this is getting better.
    I know someone that has a DVD Player in the Halfway Home.
    Poor poor Ms. Black you guys are so cruel. The character not the real person. You should have posted this on Friday though
    Oh no you guys killed Travis!!
    Tim has turned the air conditioner into a chainsaw that shoots ice knives.
    I have Hammers for hands it makes you a nail to smash.
    Wait, wait, wait, yes!!! Butch is coming back, he’s coming back and the world will know that Butch is back and the world got to know

    I have Souls for bodies meaning I exist only on a metaphysical sense being both there and not there. They call me 1001Souls

  3. in Tim’s defense, i think the rulebook suggests that generally Monsters can speak unheard to their kids, but they can’t do it back. part of the whole “monster kids are freaks” factor, before the actual Weird Kids showed up
    and speaking of, weird kid group hug over how weird they are!

    as much as I love august and Manda does a good job as the spider goddess, the idea of a giant spider deity’s face defensively hissing venomously at somebody is gonna give my arachnophobic self some nightmares…

    and somewhat on the janitor side of things, running the Candlewick setting lately. the group met a girl who did her best to make the maid outfit sexy and failed, to which a player sympathized that clearly she had no understanding of housecleaning or janitorial career

    1. Maybe after Frieda’s, I’ll get Matt or someone to run Candlewick. I’ve been wanting to play in that for awhile. The echo mechanic sounds pretty neat.

      1. yea, the group hasn’t gotten far enough into using their Echoes to develop their backstory/relationships yet, but they seem pretty keen to try it out when they do. the whole things strikes me as being as much a writing exercise as an rpg (“your backstory includes the groundskeeper, a father figure, and betrayal! make a scene!”). it’s also not so much a campaign book as a few mechanics and then a gigantic list of NPCs and locations with some little half-sentence ideas tacked onto each

        and damned if I don’t love every single pregen monster in Candlewick to death just by concepts alone

    2. I think this is the best compliment I’ve ever been given on my performance as Buibui

      1. Back before I first heard you play Buibui, spiders creeped me out. Like, whenever I saw a spider in the bathroom/bedroom/etc., I’d stare in shock for a few moments and then flip the fuck out ’cause how did it get in here?! And know I just laugh because I picture them all with Buibui’s voice.

        1. Author

          Buibui is the best character and it makes me sad that she disappears pretty quickly after this.

    3. I actually had no idea the rulebook said that. And here I thought I was adding a unique little twist to the character. Freaking authors, always coming up with my ideas first.

  4. I almost forgot that August was in drama club. God, he’s so sexy.
    The Daisy/August ship: IT IS CANNON. (Daugust? Aisy?)
    I almost choked on my lunch this time…
    And George asking for coffee sounds oddly like Odyn.
    August stop with that voice. Your supposed to be trying out Marius, not Ebeneezer Scrooge.

    1. Author

      Given that Nate likes interparty relationships, so this probably was working towards that. A few sessions later, sadly, Sean’s work schedule becomes garbage and August disappears from the campaign.

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