Little Fears – The Fall Harvest

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Polk County Annual Harvest Festival! We’ve strung up the lights, pitched the tents, and set the carnival rides whirling.

It’s the beginning of Autumn. The apples are red and ripe and the dough is all fried. The first winds of Fall are blowing.

But beneath the merriment and festivities, just underneath the good smells drifting on the late August wind, there is something foul.

Seeds have been planted. Harvest, and the time of reap, comes soon.


  • Manda – Gwen Martin.  A tiny, blond, 9-year-old girl who recently lost her two front teeth. Her mommy who works at the zoo and teaches her everything about animals.  She keeps a stuffed lion named Mace with her at all times because her mommy said that mace kept her safe in her college days.
  • Matt – Sophie Little.  A 11-year-old girl who has long black hair with purple streaks in it.  She does all of her shopping at Immortal Fashions and buys all of her clothes from there.  Her favorite clothing item is her Edward Cullen t-shirt, which is inseparable from.  Not quite as inseparable as from her boyfriend Clyde, though.
  • Nate – Clyde Campbell.  An athletic 12-year boy with messy black hair that can’t be tamed.  That is, if he cared enough to try and tame it.  Clyde could be defined as a “proto-bro” or “bro magnon.”  A bro in its infancy, as it were, destined for great bro-ness.


  1. I was expecting something amusing and funny once we started and with the ponies and all that…

    Then I got terrified. This was a great game, and thank you for the random animal facts. Thanks for sharing these games with us, and have an applicious day.

  2. I agree. It was both hilarious and scary. The lightheartedness of the beginning made the second half scarier.

  3. Sam is an evil, cold heartless GM, and that is why I live his horror scenarios. I knew it wouldn’t be all Rainbow Dashes and Twilight Sparkles, and y’all didn’t disappoint. What would have happened if the PCs had gone on the Tumbler Sam? ( You were prodding them in that direction awfully hard.)

    1. This comment made my black heart grow three sizes and become a gaping maw.

      In the scenario as written, there’s nothing about what happens if the PCs choose to take a ride on the Tumbler.

      In the slightly revised version here, well…it’d start out just like any other amusement park ride: a moment of terror and then sheer awesome. But it wouldn’t end in a clean stop.

  4. holy damn. should I ever have the opportunity to do so, Sam is now my idol on how to run a horror game. terrify the shit out of everyone without that much gore (not so much the fact that Cidarapple gutted a man in front of them was creepy, but that he then emptied the guy over the roots of the tree was what pushed it all the way into “oh shit”), still laughs when appropriate, put them up against a greater evil and then still say despite it all “I want you to win.”

    and had the same thought right before Matt said it: Apple King is 10 Cool Rats

    this game’s gotten me really eager to hear the Little Fears campaign you guys have mentioned having in store for us. assume that’s where the mention of Apple Court came from?

    also the “Apple King is now a meme” thing at the got my mind to wander of some tangent of a fever-dream; a crazy one-shot idea where everyone plays their favorite pc or NPC from a previous game in some kind of Avengers/League of Extraordinary Gentlemen of the DatU universe.
    Colonel Nikolaus pulls together some of the finest and strongest around to save the world! Apple King! Bear Walken! Elder Dane! Detective Bradley! Catman!That Guy! Assemble!

    1. also, did I catch a brief mention of Grimm in there? i forgot that game even existed for years now…

    2. AHEM. That uh. That game may have already happened. And I may have run it. And it may have been in Complete Bullshit.

  5. mmmmm, Ray Bradbury never tasted so good

  6. I love this so much! I am getting ready to run a Little Fears game with my friends and this has helped me figure out a mood to set as I wanted it to be scary. I loved this story and the Apple King truly freaked me out…anyone on stilts would lol

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