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Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 32 – I Hate Emoticons

The strange treasure hunt continues! The gang, having survived their experience in the junkyard, are off to pay a visit to Rebecca Black.

In the meantime, August is contacted by the High School’s Janitor-Sorcerer, Cecil. The cryptic information broker takes him out to get pizza, and makes him a deal. He’ll help August get rid of Buibui, if August tracks down a certain redheaded Irish boy.

It seems like a solid deal, until it quickly becomes clear that Brendan is linked to some very scary stuff. Shadows lurk in his past.

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Mrs Frieda’s Session 30 – You Can’t Text on a Knife

It’s Saturday, and the kids finally have a day to themselves. School is HARD. Of course, a free day can’t go without an adventure…

This one begins with a text message, and a beaten up coffee can. Inside, riches, and a note. This discovery will begin a treasure hunt that will crisscross Troy and lead the kids back into their own history.

Someone, it seems, has been paying particularly close attention to what they’ve been doing this summer. It’s up to the kids to track down the mystery before whatever’s behind it decides to stop playing games.

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