Sordid Dystopia – Big Trouble in Little Cizok (Part 2)

Inspectors Attan and Trudeau hacked their way through the crime of Al Lagosa, finally catching up to their murder suspect moments before he was gruesomely poisoned. Now, they are continuing their hunt for the mysterious, dark oni who murdered their suspected killer.

Can the Inspectors punch crime in the face hard enough, or will they be overwhelmed by the corruption surrounding them?

Side Chatter


  • Nate – Fassid M. Attan. Senior inspector of District 3 Patrol.  Once a very athletic and well built man, but time has not treated him well. Recently he’s been having health problems, making it difficult for him to be punch out a suspect if need be.
  • Matt – Bruce Trudeau. Junior inspector of District 3 Patrol.  An immigrant who left his life of crime behind in his home country of Vontier.  Found his place as a beat cop in the New Xexorian police, eventually getting a promotion to junior inspector.

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