Sordid Dystopia – Big Trouble in Little Cizok (Part 1)

The city of Al Lagosa,  New Xexoria. Half submerged, the once great city hunkers on the shoreline, bustling with trade and a steady flow of immigrants. Corruption and conflict are rampant, in both the North and South districts. In the middle of this sits a small island of hope: Little Cizok.

Inspectors Attan and Trudeau, hardened upholders of the law, receive a telegraph call from the Chief Inspector, into one of the districts deep in Al Lagosa, near the new railway. Their investigation will lead them through the worst of Al Lagosa.

Side Chatter


  • Nate – Fassid M. Attan. Senior inspector of District 3 Patrol.  Once a very athletic and well built man, but time has not treated him well. Recently he’s been having health problems, making it difficult for him to be punch out a suspect if need be.
  • Matt – Bruce Trudeau. Junior inspector of District 3 Patrol.  An immigrant who left his life of crime behind in his home country of Vontier.  Found his place as a beat cop in the New Xexorian police, eventually getting a promotion to junior inspector.


  1. This is infinitely more enjoyable than playing L.A. Noir. I don’t what it was about that game but I couldn’t stand it even though I love mystery/detective things.

    *Spoilers For Session*

    As for the game, I like how there can’t just be a regular old investigation. There always has to be some supernatural element to the game, in this case the hopping zombie at the end. It was strange that every single person Matt and Nate talked to told the truth or some version of the truth, but they did a good job connecting the dots. Also for as terrible as Matt’s varied accents were in the game they were also awesome.

    *End Spoilers*

  2. It was definatly a break from the SD we have gotten used. A totally differant feeling to it.
    I also noticed the thing that everyone told the truth, well at least as far as our protaganists could tell. They really must think that it is the most honest place on earth.
    And as a side note to the side chatter. You have high and middle school, could this be used as a base for a new elemenary school math class for Frieda´s?
    Anyway liked it and I am looking forward to see how the case goes for our two investigators.

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