Mrs. Frieda’s Session 28 – “You Can’t Have Any Pudding!”

And the Frieda’s Season Premiere continues with Part 2: Middle School.

Spring Crescent is, on the surface, perfectly normal. Normal things happen, normal teachers conduct utterly normal classes, and no one gets sucked into a Lovecraftian alien’s spaceship.

Secrets lurk below the surface, of course. Secrets that hide behind walls and coat closets, secrets that want to spread and steal and hurt.

Emma, Scott, and Jingles are dropped directly into this tangled mess. Joined by the psychic girl Molly, who survived her own ghost story, our plucky Middle Schoolers will face down evil.

Spring Crescent draws upon the source material in Ross Payton’s Curriculum of Conspiracy, which can be found at

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  1. You know, maybe I’m just a bad listener, but I can’t easily identify the cuts on either side. You did a great job with making sure the cuts were clean, and overall this feels like just another session, albeit with just Jingles, Scott, and Emma. So good job on the editing! *thumbs up*

    As for the session itself, over all I personally liked this one more than the high school one. Maybe its just because it was more focused with only 4 characters here instead of 7 (not to mention only one new kid instead of two, as awesome Caleb and Tim are), or, to be almost the exact opposite, everything was new. We knew half the high school teachers from Charlie’s class sign up session from a while back. Here the school and all the teachers were new to my knowledge, and being introduced was hilarious.

    Or there is the third possible fact that Ms. Scull is the best NPC ever that seriously made my day just that much better. Manda, you deserve an award or a cookie or something for her. She was hilarious and, having been put into a class where my good friend (a liberal studies major) was TA and had to teach every now and then, I can say that its relatively accurate…

    1. Three new kids, actually. Etsu is the PC I made for the high school setting, since a lot of sessions split high school and middle school kids apart. Also because there’s a lot more out-of-Frieda’s or out-of-school investigation stuff, and Emma generally has too much to do to actually go out and do these things. I still play her a lot in this campaign, but there’s kind of a 50/50 split of my using Emma and my using Etsu at this point.

      Also, I love Ms. Scull. So much.

  2. First off I have to chime in on the love for Ms. Scull. This session is alot of fun and I am just going through my second listen to it. And the directors commentery part was hilarious. The school sessions must have been quite differant to play as there is an insane amount of splitting up the group. Even more then usual.

  3. Two favorite new NPCs: Mr. Scull and the Gym Teacher / Rugby Coach.

    Please or please say we get to see a lot of them this season.

    Also I kinda like how off Molly acts. I’m sure if *Camp LeFay Spoilers* I had developed psychic powers during the nightmare that was Camp LeFay I would be a little mentally fractured also. I’m kinda sad at happened to Jimmy, but it was probably a better fate for him than having to remember exactly how he got this scars and what happened at the camp. *End Spoilers*

    1. Author

      The players love Ms. Scull and Coach Ditka as well. Any time that makes sense for them to show up (and some times that don’t), they do.

      1. I think I found my new crack pairing for fan fics.

  4. Mrs. Scull is great. 🙂 +1 to Manda for some great roleplaying!

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