Call of Cthulhu – Just Vengeance

Hartford, Connecticut: the North End. One of the most dangerous districts in one of the nastiest cities in America. It’s a grey, snowy morning in the middle of Winter 2010, and horrible things are afoot.

One Kevin Goff has been found brutally murdered in the remnants of his car. Something has literally torn him limb from limb in the night, leaving the evidence sitting in the middle of the street.

Now a team of FBI investigators must attempt to track down the killer before they strike again and set off a wave of violence across the North End. Because Kevin Goff is not a simple victim of gang violence; he is a man with terrible secrets.


  1. A perfect example for how a string of good luck can come back and bite you. Never playing a forensic scientist in CoC again.

  2. These C’thulu games were awesome. The bayou one was more fitting of my idea of a typical C’thulu game but this one was great. Highlights being James’ “Guys … I have an idea” and Charlie’s character being, well, one of Charlie’s characters. I was terrified at the beginning, laughing in morbid horror after Nate’s called the “Home Office” royally messed things us, and in tears when Charlie’s character came back and did his Charlie thing. These scenarios were great Sam, keep it up. MORE HORROR!!

  3. Last I heard, flamethrowers were TECHNICALLY legal (federally) in the USA (because killer bees), but many states ban them and most of the others would demand some kind of licence or something. Or at least that’s what I heard. Anyways, police generally don’t stock them as far as I know (but they do have grenade launchers on occasion, for gas canisters).

    Also, I was JUST THINKING about the Cult of Bright when he brought it up!

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