Road Trip Session 16 – The Eternal Glades (Part 2)

The kids spent the night in a fort constructed by the Monsters of the Glades.  Well, most of them did, at least.  It seems that Talia, Daniel, and Max disappeared during the middle of the night.

When the kids awake the next morning, they find that the Glades Monsters have departed, and also that the sky has grown darker.  They need to get the Glades Monsters out of here before they try anything.

Black water seems to be getting closer to them.   However, the kids know that they can seal the door to the Glades for a century.  Maybe they can seal it away?  But can they escape in time?

Whatever the kids are going to do, they need to do it quickly.



  1. This has been very helpful! I’m missing an entire page out of my Road Trip book in the Eternal Glades chapter, so when I get around to running this for my gaming group I actually have some ideas. Is the Spirit Fox actually mentioned in the book or did you come up with him? Great concept either way 😀

    1. Author

      The Spirit Fox was an original thing written specifically because of Talia. There aren’t supposed to be any glades spirits to possess kids (because the kids already have monsters), but Talia had this broken bond and it seemed like an interesting thing to throw in. Also a way to info-dump the spirit possession and (had it possessed her) another way to motivate the kids to free the Glades Monsters.

      1. Okay, yeah I agree that was a cool way to handle it. RJ was freaking creepy as that thing…

        Oh and Jim’s Puck Van! Nooooooo!

        1. Most definitely. Creepy, but goddamn was it impossible to say “no” to. Not for its creepiness, but for how charismatic RJ can be. That man could convince me to pay for phone books if he wanted to. When I’m playing a spiritually broken and easily convinced child, he’s almost guaranteed to succeed. Unless the power of FRIENDSHIP interrupts it all.

          1. Oh we have a few guys like that in our gaming group. Last time we had epic Convincing John style action it actually ended the campaign we were doing. Good times there!

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