Mrs Frieda’s Session 20 – “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”

Big things happened last session to George, Emma, Scott, and Manny. This session (unfortunately) shows what happened to August during the events in the last session.

It’s date night for August, and he’s got three oh so lovely rumor-smiths to take out to the movies. Nele is tagging along for some recon of the town.

The Drunk and the Ugly is especially proud to present this session, namely as it shows the psychological break-down of a gaming group after a highly dramatic session.



  1. Wow simply wow. That tripple date thing was sure something. I really laughed hard during that part and it was quite nice to hear the same story twice but from differant sides.Also hearing more about Jingles was quite nice as I have definatly been wondering about her.
    I have a character in the MMORPG Champions Online that I think is kind of a combination of Jingles and Nele. I find that quite funny as I didnt even think of that or even considered the combination until this episode.
    Thank you and take care
    Claes Svensson

  2. Oh man this episode was great! It was so funny the first half and so much drama the seconds half; if I wasn’t expecting craziness I might have gotten whiplash.

    This episode is my favorite so far hands down. It definitely made a really crappy week a lot more bearable.

    1. Author

      Frieda’s is a bit of an emotional roller coaster at times (especially in the next few sessions).

  3. big fan of Frieda’s and the Roadtrip campaign, making my way through the Pokemon with my girlfriend. been listening for months with you guys killing time at work or while driving (call center means it’s easy to sneak earbuds under a head set…), but this one made he HAVE to post

    i was crying by the first 5 minutes into this. so amazing, especially with the August charming Brit/Bill Cosby Pimp swaps. Donna and Daisy as OTP!

    1. Author

      Hi Luffy! Thanks for commenting!

      I’m glad we can help you enjoy your job more (though I hope we don’t get you fired or anything). The Pokemanz are always a great listen (I think we’re going to try to start that up again sometime soon). As for this session, in the group we informally refer to this as “The Best Session Ever”. The triple date vignette is the funniest thing I can remember happening in Frieda’s.

      Donna and Daisy as OTP!

      I think you’re missing the shipping gold that is Scott/August (or Scougust).

  4. Guys, cannot express how fun it is to listen to Mrs Frieda’s at work. Really brightens my day. You’ve got a great group, and a really compelling/hilarious story to tell! Thanks so much for sharing it with the intarwebs at large. 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi David! Thanks for commenting.

      I’m really glad that you enjoy Mrs Frieda’s. I can honestly tell you that we didn’t plan anything close to this when we started it back in late February. Maybe you’ll be pleased to know that we’re going to post another 6 sessions of Frieda’s in November. BE THANKFUL FOR THE BOUNTY OF FRIEDA’S.

      1. Awesome! I am looking forward to it. I’ve only got a few more episodes to listen to before I run out so that’ll be perfect. I enjoy Road Trip (I listened to that one first) but I especially like Mrs Frieda’s since you guys obviously have so much fun with it. It’s great that so much came from such a spur of the moment idea. Great job!

  5. I love how the last session was super ” shit just got real grim dark” there was a moment there when i thought butch was actually going to jump himself and the kids would have to deal with that… what actually happens was even better. and then this session starts with more Nele and August wackiness and gives a good contrast to the previous and then proceeds to connect everything. Love it guys, good job.

  6. D@mmit, I can’t breathe, my lungs hurt too much from laughing…

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