Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 3 – Family Home Evening


So, the kids screwed up yesterday.  They went to go see a movie that Mrs. Frieda specifically forbid and were spotted by. . . someone.  When they had to hoof it, though, George decided the best way to escape was to call his giant firebird and fly back to the house.  In any case, Frieda knew that they went to that movie, and found a suitable punishment:  Helping out at the local LDS Church.

During the previous night, the kids were serenaded by their local pastor and missionary Elder Dane.  The kids see the opportunity to go clean the church as a way to find out more about this very strange man.  Meanwhile, everyone else proceeds to clean or set up the church in their own ways (sometimes ways that they’ve invented).




  1. This is one of my favorite episodes of Mrs. Frieda’s, for one reason; the “food fight” scene is one of the purely good moments throughout the whole thing for these kids. They’re allowed to actually just be kids; which is heartbreaking because what comes next starts all of the bad things.

  2. It’s true. Even Emma, who so frequently refuses to (consciously) act like a child, was able to be a child during the food fight. The whole scene was actually kind of overall heart warming, as they all generally had a great time with minimal stress.

  3. I agree with those previous comments. On a few rare occations Emma lets her guard down and acts more her age. And Manny´s worrying about everything was pretty funny in this episode.

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