Engine Heart: The Tricentennial – Session 2

Following a long line of investigation (and deputization), the robots have come to Smithsonian AI Director #7, who apparently has information regarding the Smithsonian’s plot to take “One of Everything.”

Hijinks and stories continue in this conclusion of Engine Heart: The Tricentennial.


  • Matt: KLEEN-SCRP-2455 (“Squeegee-bot”/”Detective Bronson”):  General purpose cleaning and window-washing robot
  • Sean: TERRA-DRILLER (“Drill-bot”/”Detective Bradley”):  Subway maintenance and digging robot
  • Nate: APA079-X (“APOX”) – General-purpose android.  Detective of Human and Synthetic Crimes.



  1. outstanding session as a whole. was just hoping for a quick brawl when the group was ambushed by animatronic presidents (which in turn gave me the idea for a superpower: turn into any former president)

    hope to see more of this game, if there’s time among all the other games. guess not the same team, by the sounds of it

    1. Author

      There were plans to play a few more games, but Jeff (the GM for both of those games) basically disappeared after that point. There are plans for another game eventually, but it needs to be fleshed out before anything happens.

  2. These were awesome. I don’t know how well it helped with the studying but I made it much more bearable.
    I love how Matt and Sean just kinda got dragged / tagged along and became the comedy while Nate played the straight man (very well).
    Squeegee-Bot, in my mind, looks like an odd Frankenstein of Wall-E and a hand squeegee/spray wand; Drillbot, an autonomous version of Simon’s Drill from the first episode Gurren Lagann; and Apox, like Leadbot but more sane and better dressed.

    Speaking of Robots I found the Steampunk/Robot game I played at Dragon*con 2011. Its called Ingenuous from Regret Games. If I remember correctly, I played a radar dish that was tweaked to receive and describe smells. He was then send back in time and turned into an Android/Robot who was blind but had Synesthesia so he could taste sounds. Craziness ensued.

    I need to go sleep and stop rambling….

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