Poketopia! – Gainsboro City


Having solved the crises in Limeria Village, Joey, Catman, and Jackie resolve to go their separate ways.  Well, at least Joey hoped that he and Catman would split up.  Unfortunately, it appears that they were both headed north, so Joey (regrettably) decides to hitch a ride with Catman to the next town.

Meanwhile, Isaac Collins, a fresh new trainer from Dunkelrot has made his way to Gainsboro City, the home of the Pokemon League in the Chuen region and optimal starting point for any trainer on their way to becoming a Pokemon Master.  As Isaac is about to enter the city, he hears a low rumbling not unlike a massive avalanche coming his way, wherein he sees a crazy shirtless man with a cape riding an Onix in his direction with no intent to slow down.

After a brief bit of discussion, all of the trainers realize that they’re making their way to the same city, and Catman explains that he’s been there before, riding his Onix through the city streets (in the same way that destroyed all of the roads in Limeria village), and Joey regrets his decision to travel with this man even more. . .

This session features a slightly expanded combat set from the previous session of the game.  The specific rules can be found on the Wiki site.



  1. Just wanted to say that i’ve really enjoyed the Poketopia APs, Its like rewatching the show of my childhood, but with insane people, and a plot.

  2. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them! There are a few more games to be posted in time, as well. If you’re interested, the guide for the game is available on the Drunk and Ugly wiki page. I should probably reword good a bit of it, though. I think I’ll make it a point to do that one of these days.

  3. You know re-listening to this, in the last 20 minutes of it, I want to write up a prospector era Pokemon game where people use Zigzagoons in the gold rush. Poketopia: the games that keep on giving!

    1. That sounds so baller. I encourage it so hard.

      1. Not sure if you saw on the forum, but yes, Pokemon Prospector has begun. XD

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