Monsters and Other Childish Things – Where Did the Colors Go?

Being a kid is hard. Being a kid who faces down horrors from beyond time and space? Actually just a little harder.

(This game is a test to try and put lfne mechanics into maoct. Let us know what you think!)


  • Nate – Charlie “Char” Sims.  A bubbly girl full of false bravado and a love for Magic the Gathering
  • Zach – Tracy Valezquez. Girly looking boy who likes to paint.


  1. Oh god. No. Not like this. *Sigh* I can explain, dear listeners, both the reasons and mechanics for this (and the other mechanics I have since created) if people want.

    Now if you excuse me I’m off to the shame corner of the edits cave.

      1. Cool! I’m glad it was enjoyable. I wholly admit my anxiety from the game probably has to due with current academic stress. If you have any questions or want my notes for the session speak up here or on our forums. I like picking minds and sharing ideas.

        1. Sure would love to hear more about it.
          But take your time if your getting stressed I bug you enough as is.

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