Metra Crowell is a strange, strange girl. For the beaten and bruised Ashton City Heroes, she presents a perfect mystery to be solved in their down time. And when new problems crop up in the High School, she might be the only one who can help the most.

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The masked villian posing as a Magical Girl is on the prowl for a big score. The anime club’s event is kicking off and the young Ashton City heroes are called upon to serve as security. Can they maintain their secret identities, enjoy the party, and save the day all at the same time?

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The High School’s Anime Club is gearing up for a big night, and they’ve turned to the local heroes for protection.

Which sounds crazy, but someone is attacking school athletes in a magical girl costume. There’s a maniac on the loose, and it’s up to the Ashton City Supers to put a stop to him.

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