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Rogue Trader Episode 8 – The Search Begins


The Brigand’s Lament has finally entered into warp transit without any shenanigans and or horrific demonic attacks!

Now, the boredom sets in. The Warp transit takes weeks; in the meantime, morale needs rebuilding and the team needs to come together.

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Rogue Trader Episode 7 – Warp Incursion, Again.


Where we last left off our heroes of capitalism, they were attending the big event. The event to end all events. No, not really — more like crazy voodoo hallucinations and warp bullsh**. The whole experience was fairly traumatizing, and the crew opted to take a nice breather in their ship for a few. Whereupon Schoenerberg’s chief rival delivered them an ominous message, followed by the last alert you ever want to hear on a warp-traveling ship . . .

Problem: for a Warp Incursion to occur, something’s either got to damage the Gellar Field, or pull the plug on it. And it’s certainly not damaged. These guys never catch a break.

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Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 6


Last session, the Firewall agents earned their salaries. They crashed a mech party, challenged a crime boss to one on one combat, and then impersonated too-rich-for-their-own-blood Hyperelites to gain access to the inner chambers of Skinesthesia. While Noah donned his old personality and spun a web of deceit, John and T.O.M. managed to find the lab where Dr. Worthmeyer was conducting her research.

Unfortunately, what was waiting for them was horrific beyond words. The Firewall agents, barely managing to contain the exsurgent threat that had consumed Dr. Worthmeyer, beat a hasty retreat. They managed to cover their trail with some desperate clean-up tactics and composure under pressure, delaying the sure-to-follow investigation and buying themselves precious time.

It seems, however, that Akinye is almost ready to make her move. She has a deadly Basilisk hack, TITAN nanotech, and her fingers on the trigger of an unknown number of exsurgents who are ready to pop.

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Rogue Trader Episode 6 – Black Market Auctions


Last session, there was a dinner party. The most ridiculous kind of dinner party. Where the most posh people (and some just pretending) were served the most awful food, all for the chance of earning an invitation to a bidding event. Bidding for what? Well, something big. Something priceless. And only the “best bids” are going to be accepted. This certainly isn’t foreboding at all.

Well, to say the least, Schoenerberg and his bridge crew managed to get their auction invitation. What awaits them next? The strangest auction with the strangest people for the strangest thing . . .

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Rogue Trader Episode 5 – The Dinner Party


Essentially beaten by Fel and buffeted by another Rogue Trader, one who happens to have a bitter history with our Lord-Captain, Siegmund Schoenerberg, The Brigand’s Lament makes a bitter port at Footfall. What’s next? Well, a great time to cut their losses and go shopping. No, really. This is how people with a near infinite supply of menial income blows off steam.

Footfall, however, is a pretty awful place, rife with corruption and an incredibly arbitrary hierarchy that makes virtually no sense . . . as the Lord-Captain and his bridge crew is soon to realize.

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