Rogue Trader Episode 7 – Warp Incursion, Again.


Where we last left off our heroes of capitalism, they were attending the big event. The event to end all events. No, not really — more like crazy voodoo hallucinations and warp bullsh**. The whole experience was fairly traumatizing, and the crew opted to take a nice breather in their ship for a few. Whereupon Schoenerberg’s chief rival delivered them an ominous message, followed by the last alert you ever want to hear on a warp-traveling ship . . .

Problem: for a Warp Incursion to occur, something’s either got to damage the Gellar Field, or pull the plug on it. And it’s certainly not damaged. These guys never catch a break.


  • Kevin – Fascire “Scire” Gravitas.  Explorator and Enginseer Prime of the Brigand’s Lament.  A large machine-man obsessed with technologies new and old alike, about to encounter his best. Day. Ever. Also he now has four arms.
  • Travis – Winter Breze.  Astropath Transcendent, Transubstantial Initiate and Choir Master Telepathica.   A young woman who, in the process of becoming a sanctioned psyker of the Imperium of Man, lost who eyes, youth, and beauty. She treats the bridge crew like her own children or grandchildren.
  • Nate – Cavianne Omette.  Xenos mercenary.
  • Josh – Lord-Captain Siegmund Schönerberg.  The young Rogue Trader and last survivor of the Schoenerberg dynasty. Tall, dark haired, handsome, and very, very good natured and moral, despite what the grim darkness of the far future promotes.
  • Sam – Malakai Carver.  Arch-Militant.  A large, grizzled warrior with a pretty fantastically braided beard and an affinity for collecting guns. Lots and lots of guns.

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