Prominence, SC Gaiden – Valkyries of Prominence (Part 1)


In this Prominence side story, a serial murderer stalks  through an idyllic vacation town. While the local police’s investigation is moving forward, headed by Detective Lydia Bremmen, the murders are continuing.

It’s up to the Prominence Heroes (currently on vacation) to help save the day!


  • Manda – Lacey Clark (The Ghost). Seemingly apathetic, though very bright and goal oriented. Lacey gets bored with life extremely fast, looking for thrills to make life worth living. She entered the hero game after hearing stories on her mother’s news reports.  Agile and good with a gun, terrifying to lay your eyes on in a dark alleyway.
  • Nate – Aaliyah Rhodes (The Witch). Broken, socially cautious, and relaxed. Aaliyah is a Heinz 57 of social disorders. Her inability to feel bad about justified murder could label her a sociopath.  Upon the resurgence of masks in Prominence, Aaliyah, known by Walker’s men as “The Witch,” fashioned a suit and mask for herself, and used any excuse available to meet these masks — people she instantly idolized.  With her former boss no longer in power.
  • Zach – Detective Lydia Bremmen.  Preoccupied with luck, constantly seeking the need to test it in order to gauge how much she can rely on it at the moment.  The primary way she does this is by gambling, though has not racked up any debt yet.  She carries a pair of dice with her everywhere she goes, though, and has a habit of rolling them when she’s feeling tense or uncertain.
  • Charlie – Bridgette Winrow (MIA). A former air force pilot whose career put left her with a robotic limb and a troubled past.

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