1000 Blank White Cards


In August of 2013, Drunk and Ugly Headquarters was taken over by a fervent desire. We required additional pylons. Once built, we got pretty drunk and we played a pretty silly game.

1000 Blank White Cards is a feast of entertainment for the discerning adult. It features cards made up on the spot, with hilarious rules, hellaciously terrible drawings, and is, in the end, always rigged.

Score Sheet



  1. This is the greatest thing, and deserves all the comments.

    Also I hope that the end of this recording implies correctly that you recorded you playing Cards Against Humanity. Because that would be hella sweet.

  2. I love how you decided to keep quiet about who admitted they were a furry, yet were open about your kinks.

    Also you kept quiet about who admitted they were a furry, yet posted the card so we can see who got it.

    1. Author

      Yeah I don’t get it myself. Neither of the players cared anyway.

  3. It’s okay, Josh. Not everybody has those kinds of fantasies.

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