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Call of Cthulhu – Dead Letter (Part 1)


Contact Point: University District Post Office, Berkeley, California

Date/Time: September 6th, noon

Mission Objectives:

  1. Determine the source and the nature of the biological anomaly.
  2. Determine level of involvement of the intended recipients of the biological anomaly.
  3. Determine level of threat to national security and public safety created by whomever or whatever is responsible for the biological anomaly.
  4. Neutralize any immediate threats with a minimum of exposure.
  5. If violations of federal law have been committed, determine whether charges can be prosecuted without exposure of the public to information about preternatural or paranormal phenomena. If those responsible can be brought to justice without exposing the Group or the existence of preternatural or paranormal phenomena, then do so.   If the threat of exposing the Group or the existence of preternatural or paranormal phenomena is too great, “alternative methods” of resolving the situation are authorized.

Be seeing you…

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Base Raiders – Boiling Point Playtest


A group of unlikely heroes comes upon a tip of a base from a former henchman of Chromebeard the Pirate.  The base is revealed to be his submarine craft, The Bermuda Pyramid, which went silent 3 years before Ragnarok. In recent months, the Pyramid has begun to make new sounds of life, indicating that it may be more functional than previously thought.  What could possibly go wrong?

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Base Managers Playtest


We take a minor diversion from our more standard PIXIE stories to travel off-site to the island base of Warehouse 35, a research facility re-appropriated from a Soviet complex at the end of WWII.  We observe things from the top-down and on a more macroscopic level, following administrators as they deal with threats to both Russia and themselves.

It may be rough as an agent on the field, but it’s even rougher as the ones at the top.

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Better Angels – The Family Business


Presented and run by Greg Stolze, this is one of the backer-reward games for the Better Angels Kickstarter! A strained marriage and a dysfunctional family only become better with the addition of demons, right? Right?

Find out now in this fantastic game of Better Angels!

Greg Stolze can be found at his website, or on twitter @GregStolze.
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Fiasco – White Hole


Space station in peril? Check. Warrior aliens with a blood feud? Check. Hand-wavy quantum physics, Star cult zealots, and stupid people desperate to escape? Check, check and check! Welcome to Star Station Sigma, at the edge of the White Hole.

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