The Drunk and the Newsies 1-1-2012

Happy New Year, Internet!  We’re comin’ at you with an all new Newsies for an all-new year!  Listen in as we answer all of your questions (including ones you never thought you had)!

If you missed it, we will be posting our interview with Sci-Fi Laboratory on this site next Wednesday.  Be sure to check it out.

We have a whole bunch of new campaigns in the works and a bunch of other ones waiting in the wings.  So many games we shall play.  Systems include Wild Talents, Monsters and Other Childish Things, A Dirty World (we are really on an ORE kick I guess), Legend of the Five Rings, and Seventh Sea, and at least two of those campaigns are very Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk.

Ship of Fools and United We Stand are coming to an end in the next few weeks here.  We’ll be breaking from the campaigns to post one-off games in Sordid Dystopia and other systems before returning to 2 more mini-campaigns:

  • Justice For All, a Sordid Dystopia Campaign that focuses on the Umbra which was going to be a one-shot and ended up being 7 or 8 sessions.
  • The Crucible, a Deadlands prefab adventure that was supposed to be a one-shot and ended up being 4 sessions (are you sensing a theme here?)

Additionally, following the end of Ship of Fools and United We Stand, we will begin our Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter!  There are an increasing number of rewards for this beautiful thing.  Our own Nathan Knapp has written a novella set in the Sordid Dystopia Universe, several chapters of which will be included in this project.

Since we’ve been getting so many questions about this, if you are interested in the playtest copy of Sordid Dystopia, it is one of the earlier rewards.  If you give a mere $10 and we get enough funding, you will receive a copy of  the playtest notes.


  1. I’m going to say this. I was neutral to Ship of Fools and United We Stand. They had there moments but compared to other games you guys have done they did not carry that kick.
    Hmmm $10 dollars you say… easy enough I suppose for $20 can I have Nate get a tattoo of me and your Sam in a bro hug?

    1. Both campaigns are very slow to start, admittedly, but pick up the pace after the first half or so. I think it was mostly that the players hadn’t exactly figured out their characters until then, or at least hadn’t grown attached to them enough to begin pouring on the character drama. Interestingly enough, Justice For All and Lejeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra, the sequel campaigns to Ship of Fools, begin with immediate character drama. It was one of those sorts of rare moments in the beginning of a campaign where we immediately knew our characters, how to play them, and all mutually fell in love with everyone else’s characters. They consequently start strong and just keep going. Justice For All, for instance, is actually a supplement to the pre-written Ship of Fools campaign, and there’s only enough of the scenario to last maybe two sessions, at best. The players enjoyed interacting with each other, the island, and etc. so much that they’ve taken a two shot and extended it into a mini-campaign.

      Also, I already have “Property of Sam Graebner” tattooed all across my nether-region and a mural of the Second Coming of Robo-Campen on my back. I don’t know how much room I have left for these things. I suppose I could try to cover the really bad “I <4 Charlie" on my chest with that, though.

      1. What’s a <4? I know what a <3 is, but not a <4.

        1. Author

          It’s 1 more than a <3.

          1. Look, it was a drunk decision. I regret everything.

    2. I’ll add it to the list of rewards.

  2. That was me. I posted that.

    1. No you didn’t that was definitely me.

  3. One Piece Abridged: “My first name’s Monkey! My parents hated me!!!”
    screenname comes from One Piece, used it years ago when i needed a random screenname. i got some internet cred with it and never felt like changing it. One Piece is one of the few anime/manga i very consistently follow these days. people seem to like the name anyway, and i’ve actually had recent responses thinking it’s short for “fluffy.”:
    butbig recommendation to anyone who hasn’t seen/read it, even if you’re not big on anime. my best friend hated anime, but demanded we watch it (and buy Japanese box sets with shitty English subs) when I mentioned a shapeshifting reindeer doctor and a dog that sneezes exploding baseballs

    but on topic….
    glad not only to hear a response to my posts, but the responses themselves. VERY much agree with the parents/Max concepts. parents are always a huge factor with characters, whether or not they’re like them, so always consider it after I get a character concept (in gaming or general writing). if they ran away from them, openly rebelled against them, killed them, if they died and gave them a complex, if they died and they didn’t give a crap, adopted, homeless, etc. it not only shows where they come from, but how they deal with people close to them

    the fact that Max’s parents are just gone, no demons or time travel or aliens or monsters or MIBs involved, is in itself something interesting. if it does stay that, likely wouldn’t really come up, I suppose, unless someone pried, and Max would just give a solemn little story of a 6-year-old’s memory of finding out his parents passed, and we would all cry like bitches as we listened. not leaping to conclusions or anything, but sounds like he’s long-since dealt with it as best he can

    and holy shit this came out longer than expected…

  4. Ok I will say this.
    No no I do not have a sexy voice. I talk peoples ears off and they listen. A few people said its honey because they can’t stop listening if its on a subject matter they are interested in. Which is why I Dm, strong voice, description, and the fact I do bad voices for NPC’s
    I can do a sexy voice the classic ‘Old Spice’ commercial but really I don’t have that type of voice normally.

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