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Mrs. Frieda’s Session 38 – One-Man Two-Man Band

Having discovered the first clue to the mystery of Spring Crescent, and rapidly retreating, the gang devises a plan to investigate further: they’ll get un-grounded, and go BACK TO SCHOOL.

Naturally, there are a few objections. But they are silenced by the prospect of the annual Spring Crescent Fun Fair, an occasion that promises at least the approximation of Fun and Fairs. Will the kids succeed in their investigation, or will the looming threat of mediocre fun stagnate them all night? Continue reading »

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Mrs. Frieda’s Session 35 – Hoop and Stick Together!

After some intense sidetracking, both in the real world and in strange collective alternate-reality dreams, the kids are back on the trail of the Coffee Can Mystery.

After watching the DVD obtained from Rebecca Black’s office, the gang treks into the ghetto, ready to face down just what exactly has been lobbing coffee cans full of expensive junk across the city.

What’s in store is something they could never have expected. Forces are beginning to gather against the special children of Mrs. Frieda’s, and their emissaries have already arrived.

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Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 34 – A Perfect Day

Welcome to Mrs. Frieda’s State Home, where nothing weird has ever, or will ever happen. Scott Valle, middle schooler, has chosen to play hooky from school with his friend Manny in order to play with G.I. Joes.

This is a Frieda’s without monsters. Without shadows, where nothing lurks in the corners and in the minds of its occupants, in a Troy not pitted and cratered by the effects of those monsters.

This session was conducted with a parallel text roleplay, telling George and Emma’s story. While not critical to the plot of this session, it adds a nice bit of extra character development.  That story can be read here.

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Sordid Dystopia – No Use Shootin’ a Dead Horse

The cast and crew of the runaway train is back for more action! The port town of Al Lagosa is (remarkably) still standing. Rave has been contracted for his first Mercenary Solo mission. (It’s probably not janitorial work).

Joined by a young Umbra, flung far from her home in search of human societies’ secrets, Rave will be sent into the dark reached of New Xexoria.

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Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 32 – I Hate Emoticons

The strange treasure hunt continues! The gang, having survived their experience in the junkyard, are off to pay a visit to Rebecca Black.

In the meantime, August is contacted by the High School’s Janitor-Sorcerer, Cecil. The cryptic information broker takes him out to get pizza, and makes him a deal. He’ll help August get rid of Buibui, if August tracks down a certain redheaded Irish boy.

It seems like a solid deal, until it quickly becomes clear that Brendan is linked to some very scary stuff. Shadows lurk in his past.

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