Shin Megami Tensei and Other Childish Things Session 1

Welcome, listeners, to the small Wisconsin town of Athens, WI, where dark things are stirring. The barrier between our world and whatever is on the other side has weakened.

Three of the students at St. Christopher’s Catholic School have been missing from school for several days. Upon investigation by our intrepid heroes, the missing students turn out to be under care at the local hospital’s coma ward.

It doesn’t take long for Linda, Tony, Aiden, and Diane to poke their noses into trouble hard enough that trouble pokes back.

Side chatter


Music Credits

  • “Mirage”, “The House of Leaves” – Kevin MacLeod (
  • “Rock Loop #2” – Andrew Huang (

Music is used with permission from the artist or licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

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  1. Oh my god does the music scare the shit out of me in this game. I love this series and am glad to finally see it on the site.

  2. Actually I went to a Catholic school and the only thing different was A. There was occassionally a mass and lots of morning prayers and B. Religious Studies was compulsory until Year 11

    1. Author

      What are A and B, now?

  3. Ok, that was super awesome! The music added another level of epic to the game as well, really expressed the mood well. I can not wait to listen to the rest of these.

    But of course the highlight had to be:

    “Tony! Everyone is falling asleep and the ambulance is coming!”
    “uh……ok are you falling asleep?”
    “a little”
    “ok tony is going to slap her”

    1. Author

      Hannah is the best, truly.

      This is probably my favorite campaign we have done. It had the right combination of goofy and dramatic and went on just long enough.

  4. Oh God. That TARDIS noise was SO FRICKIN’ ACCURATE…
    That moment when the bookish kid suddenly became the most badass motherfucker in the reverse-world…

    1. Author

      Hahaha where is the TARDIS sound again? It’s been so long since I did these I don’t even remember anymore.

      Anyway glad to hear you’re enjoying these! A lot of work that I forgot about went into them.

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