Shin Megami Tensei and Other Childish Things Session 3

Last time, the kids went into the Reverse Mirror World and kicked a giant Shade’s face in. That felt good. Unfortunately, they returned to their world to realize that things are still falling apart.

More and more people are going missing, and now someone (or something) is breaking into people’s houses. He wears a blindfold and carries a sword and apparently doesn’t steal anything.

Even stranger places and enemies lie in wait for the kids of Athens. Time, and a few well placed psychic visions, will tell of their fate.

Side chatter


Music Credits

  • “Unpromised”, “Impact Andante” – Kevin MacLeod (
  • “Skull Kid”, “Leena Locke And The Power Of Appropriate Hugging”, “Eastmost Penninsula Is The Secret”, “Shy Guy”, “Squid”, “Chip Rock Blend” – Andrew Huang (
  • Samples from “Games and 8-Bit Kit Volume 1” – ATOM SPLITTER AUDIO (
  • Samples from THE FREESOUND PROJECT (

Music is used with permission from the artist or licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

Copyrighted material used under Fair Use.  If you are the copyright owner and believe your material has been used unfairly, please contact


  1. Ah yes, the game where I almost ruin by trying to research.

    1. That should be “ruin everything”

  2. Manda’s beautiful laughter… 🙂

  3. God. The sound effects are so awesome. Matt you are so cool for doing all this work 🙂

    1. Author

      Well thank you!

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