Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 40 – Tim’s Happy Afternoon

The writing on the wall has changed. Literally. The strange graffiti being left outside of Frieda’s cannot be ignored.

Someone who knows too much about Nele’s past is in town. And they’re leaving messages specifically for him.

Where is N611? Where indeed.



  1. Jesus… really. The ending … just the ending.

    Also (like every Frieda’s): Mood Whiplash HOO!!!

  2. Damn Claes was right. Hi five bro!
    Poor poor Manny

    Also George is becoming a villain more and more evil. He is a horrid little monster I told you all and even worse is Condor

  3. agree with it being hard to sympathize with Emma, like in the spiel at the end. she’s banged up, but still just plain nasty at times. trying to be with/leaning on a good person like Scott is a start, I suppose, but outside of that (even INSIDE of it, most of the time), kind of a c-word

    1. To be fair, she’s a 13 year old girl who’s been physically scarred by her father, abandoned by someone she loved very much, and left in a room full of girls who inevitably ridiculed her to no end. She’s not necessarily a /bad/ person, and not /intentionally/ nasty at all. Just destructively desperate for the attention of someone who won’t hurt or abandon her.

  4. Shoes for Christopher Walken – so awesome.

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