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Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 1

Julie Williams had a bad summer. Bomb threats, riots, competition for that charming British boy, and of course that kidnapping.

Things are looking up now, right?

Unfortunately, no. It turns out that her hospitalization and rescue prevented her from enough school that she has been placed in the in-school-suspension program until her work improves. How will she recover from this? Can she still maintain her diva cred? And will she survive being in close quarters with the strange delinquents of Troy High School?

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MaOCT – Pop Music Changes Everything

It’s Friday, and there’s a party going down. The crack quasi-superhero team of weird kids at Argosy High School are absolutely ready to crash the party at Brian Summer’s mansion. There’s going to be terrible high school bands, terrible high school drinking, and lots of regrets.

Of course, stranger things are at work. It’s up to Explosivo, the Cutlery Kid, That One Girl, Space Jam, and Hellsdale to get to the bottom of it.

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Mrs. Frieda’s Side Stories – Curriculum of Conspiracy: October

We return to Spring Crescent, already in progress. The unstoppable sass of Jingles, Molly, and Emma combined is tearing its way through the Middle School. Predictably, this lands them in Saturday detention.

A Saturday detention in a school ripe with mystery and danger (and teachers who are huge jerks.)

It’s time for the trio to get to the bottom of all of this.

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Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 54 – November Snow

Troy is swaddled in the quiet, thick snow of Winter. The city is blanketed in calm and holiday spirit. Halloween has passed and the year is quickly tipping down towards its end.

The heavy snow and canceled school days mean it’s time for the annual Winter trip to Camp LeFay. Snow Wars will be fought. A Snow Bastion will be built and fall. Two will find their paths joined. Two others will fray apart.

The Spirit of the Forest is calling again.

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Sordid Dystopia – Heavy is the Head Which Controls the Battle

Rough and tumble members of the Vontais Explorer’s Guild are on their way to an outpost of the Polin Trading Company, seeking work and the latest news. The outpost is located in the center of a swamp, and the land is as foreboding as it is desolate.

From here, they are asked to track down a missing caravan. Their journey will take them deep into the heart of danger.


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