Little Fears Session 2 – The Houses of Apple Court (Part 2)

The posse of Apple Court is on the trail of a mysterious cat-harassing “green kid,” aided by a young girl who can’t remember her own name. A fog is beginning to settle over the heat-drenched town, framing a sudden fight in the middle of the street.

Tensions are running as high as the temperature, and the only ones holding themselves together are the young kids of Apple Court.

Side Chatter


  1. The Houses of Apple Court is definitely not the best module out there for Little Fears. It’s entertaining, to be sure, but it doesn’t really hold a candle to all the other modules available for Nightmare Edition. Having read most of the modules for Nightmare Edition (the modules that we’ve already run for this campaign and the set of modules I have to run eventually), my opinion is that the Houses of Apple Court is a mild-mannered introduction to Little Fears Nightmare Edition, and functions better as an intro to a campaign setting than the modules after. This’s because the Apple Court setting (and the GMCs within) are better fleshed out than the settings and GMCs of other modules, making it a much easier setting to just toss ideas and new things into. The only other module that offers a pretty well fleshed out setting and set of GMCs is “Dead Leaves,” #5 in the Campfire Tales series. The others are stories with settings that are given the bare minimum detail (which, admittedly, lets them be set just about anywhere). That said, Houses still has a little more detail given to its setting.

    I post this here as advice to anyone who’d be out to run LFNE at some point, and are looking for prefabs and campaign jumpstarts.

    1. Addendum: the drawback to Houses, though, is that in contrast to how better fleshed out the setting and GMCs are versus other modules, the conflict and mystery of Houses is the least interesting of them all, and has the least amount of payoff. It’s kind of like the shallow end of the pool. You chill there for awhile ’til you’re used to the water temperature, then venture out into the deep end — in which you find literally every other Nightmare Edition module.

  2. While I can see the drawbacks to the module, I also think that the Houses of Apple Court were hindered by it, seemingly, being the first time a few of the players played Little Fears Nightmare Edition. You could tell people were unsure of the rules, confused about the mechanics, and other things like that. Couple that with it being the first time playing and learning your characters personality, I expect the other games to be much, better. (Not saying this one was bad, just you could tell it y’all were feeling out the setting/characters/system.)

    1. It’s true! I was a bit hazy on parts of the rules at times. It takes me a few sessions of running a game to be solid on the system. Additionally, I took for granted how brutal this game could be. When Joel went in to fight the major monster by himself, I didn’t expect him to almost die. Mechanically speaking, he was about to, and I specifically had him thrown out of the area so a PC wouldn’t be killed in the second session of the campaign.

  3. …Why does he have a negative -2die penalty? Being crazy makes you really dangerous and hard to predict
    Joel 8, kinds of crazy the best flavor of crazed.
    Little Sister bests older brother in wrestling match.
    Come on Nate. Torches and pitchforks. Kids can easily form mobs. I’ve seen it.
    Yeah completely normal, could be worse though enough injuries there and off to the hospital
    I would have given shit to cause yeah its fun. Also exactly Charlie there kids
    I thought it was Nate’s PC for a second too.
    No no no. He keeps the fruit punch on his eye and eats the pea’s.
    Unhinged wins the day!

  4. Author

    He had a -2 penalty because he had a negative quality called “I Am Unhinged” which was rated at -2.

    1. Ah now it makes sense. I just thought he was saying he was unhinged and freaking out.
      Now it makes sense

  5. I like how this game started as a standard Little Fears game, then exploded into an Invader Zim Episode, followed by a Call of Cthulhu game for a few minutes, swiftly concluded by a Goonies ending.

    Seriously, I am getting a Dib vibe from Joel, and the walk in closet conitnues to remind me of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. XD

  6. Wow Joel is insane as hell. The way he went at the kid at the beginning and wouldn’t stop, makes me afraid of what he would of done if he had a bat and no one was there to stop him. I could easily see him killing someone in the future if he doesn’t change. Also….. PEPPER SPRAY GO!!!

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