Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 2

First day of ISS down. Next step: scramble back up the popularity ladder and get out of the lowest dregs of High School society: her fellow classmates. She focuses her all into the topic of mascara and “guy-liner”, hoping greatly to find someone who appreciates her superior taste in fashion and accessories.

Will her efforts to win the ISS crew over be a smashing success, or will shenanigans get in the way once more?

Side Chatter


  1. This this session was great and also bad.

    Had characters being well characters and getting into it.
    But at the same time Yuji would make a statement and the others would jump on it like it was a insult. Now he was actually making some but he also game his fair share of compliment etc. that were treated as attacks
    6 is the Guts.
    Also Nate using your NPC’s to attack a PC just no no dude, when two PC’s go at it you let them solve it you don’t come in with GM voice and have NPC agree to one side. Or after everything is done discount the players actions. Unless of course it makes sense… which it didn’t. Yeah you did that way to much this session Nate
    I’m saying this cause its one of those things you got to moniter part of a Gm’s job is to both be faithful to the characters and be impartial. Sorry that just really bothered me
    Love Julie but she is dumb as a sack of hammers. And is very much more Condor(ee)? then when we last saw her she used to be nicer. Now she’s gone from rumor girl that can be your friend to full on Mean Girl(Or female Condor or something like that)
    Also love that Yuji is trying to be friends still and the others just won’t take it or try anything it fits but maybe I’m nicer then average?
    Sound carries guys. It doesn’t matter so you can easily hear a group of people across a room…
    Also love how no one tries to help with the movie thing except Yuji which says something
    But Julie is so stupid how would she even notice? Yeah Charlie really did get the short end. No no sassy is not that, being a bitch or any other word is much more appropriate for Julie, and Nates npc who had no reason for that. Nate that relationship applied simply on the need to get revenge

    The halfway home gets earthquaked makes sense cause it probably is not safely built
    Knowing when to let something be… That that is priceless
    The difficulty to notice the Fish is the height it rolls but you also have to beat its speed cause he has to move quickly
    Its like sneezing but with your skin, oh god why!!
    Dude bro code. You just don’t do that to a person I mean it was a good prank and Yuji did not deserve that
    Also no that should have soaked and destroyed things and come out of all the pores

    Yuji was not doing any bullshit. Seriously you guys were jerks to poor Charlie’s character
    Also said this earlier Nate you dude just no. Using the NPC’s to enforce things just no dude.
    Seriously don’t use your NPC’s for this its and you then cause problems. Just no no Nate, I think you had lots of heart this session but this heart was misplaced and I think made this the only game that I actually didn’t like(I almost stopped listening)
    Also if you act first he could transfer the blow to his leg so since Guts is 3-6. Yuji could have caught the attack to his hands or legs and taken the shock there. Or since it was not actual combat avoid the attack entirely.

    Man I feel like a critic and a little undoly harsh. Not trying to be just giving what I got from the game.
    This thing is long enough so ending it here at 2hours with 40minutes left to the game…
    Also finally got around to Ship of Fools yeah you just need to wait until the game gets into its 3-4th session and everyone is more comfortable with there characters

    1. Actually, that makes sense as the sessions continue. There’s a distinct and side-plot relevant reason that happened.

      1. Addendum: that’s not a thing I would do unless there is a specific reason for it. Pay attention to Alisha’s social interactions. She’s an interesting side character to play.

        1. OK then. Its still very very striking and just feels off putting
          And good I was worried you’d be insulted. I need to finish the last 40minutes and… fuck power went out for a bit at some time so I’ll just need to find my spot

          1. That feeling striking was the point, yes. As Mr. Bird pointed out, it’s something that’s wrong with the character herself. Either way, I was just refuting your point that I’d done anything glaringly wrong as a GM.

            Also, on the record, it wasn’t until recently that any of us but Matt actually understand flinching rules, else Charlie would’ve flinched the damage elsewhere, and I’d have been okay with that. OOC, I didn’t feel any particular malice towards Yuji. Alisha, on the other hand . . .

    2. Man, chill out. I guess it’s great that you’re into the game, but you are way too indignant on behalf of a character. You are blowing this way out of proportion if you think it’s some grand abuse of GM power. It’s RPing characters; characters don’t always get along.

      Also, don’t claim to know why anyone–especially the GM–has characters act the way they do. Unless it’s explicitly stated, you probably don’t.

      1. Yeah. I was being an ass…
        You make a good point, and sometimes characters just don’t get along. I think this more rang to the tune of the fact I’ve seen things like this happen in other games. Trying to think of an example… nope most would end with me feeling like a ass or lead to a rant.
        Still feel part of what I said has merit lot it doesn’t but since no ability to edit eh.
        Yup the character thing was one of such things

        I’d say 20-35%of what I said had actual merit.

  2. I agree Yuji’s getting the short end of the stick in many cases, but something’s also definitely wrong with Alisha. Her anger, and freakout at the end, is obviously building to something. I’m interested to see how she’s weird, because I bet that’s involved.

    Also, that catfish needs his own comedy show. He and Yuji are a great pair.

  3. Monster ISS, proving that everyone (including the dice) hates Charlie.

    I’ll agree with stickwood on one thing, this session is awkward as DICKS to listen to.

    1. Author

      Yeah, having played in it and edited it, I won’t deny that one. It’s not come up again.

  4. Wow! A lot of controversy in the comments this session! The only thing I have to say about this session is that Charlie’s RP’ing seemed a little rough to me. I mean usually when you get kicked in the nuts you do more then just go ‘ugh’ and get back up like everything is normal. You talk in a high pitch voice, it’s hard to take a breath, and you can’t walk right afterwards. Besides that I liked the session and I thought that Charlie took being the bad guy quite nicely. Even though I know he’s not, and I felt that the GM was fair. She did warn him, like multiple times. Not only her too. He always needed to have the last word. Hope to see were this goes.

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