Little Fears Session 1 – The Houses of Apple Court (Part 1)

In the suburbs of Thebes by the sea, a small culdesac is in the throes of the hottest February on record. On the heels of the heat wave comes an awakening, the focus of a dark presence. The Houses of Apple Court, and the children who call it home, are under the eye.

This is the beginning of their adventure. Nightmares lie ahead.

Side Chatter


  1. Was the name Grim Grey chosen because it’s, like, the exact opposite of the dude’s personality? A more emo moniker I have not heard in many a moon. It’s great.

    1. Haha. Its kind of an inside joke that only I would understand? Which makes it pretty lame. I once had a dream where Death was a kid in a hoodie with an affinity for the color orange. I based this character around that dream, giving him a weapon that slightly resembles a scythe and having him love skeleton things. Also, wouldn’t you agree that it totally sounds like a nickname a kid would give himself at that age? Especially if he didn’t like his real name and wanted to be called something “cool” and “edgy”. But yeah, he’s a pretty kind, bright, and energetic kid, not much of a “grim” personality, but you’ll see in later games how he fits pretty nicely into the reaper motif.

      1. Yeah, it sounds like something a kid would concoct to be badass. I’ve always liked the grim reaper as a concept and a character, so now I’m interested in seeing how Grim develops.

  2. Finally we’re getting these episodes! We’ve only heard you guys talk about them for the last 30 sessions! But I think I might enjoy these the setting is cool.

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