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Little Fears Session 7 – Polybius (Part 3)

It’s Sunday, and it’s time to manipulate Jenna’s mom into driving the gang back to the arcade. There is more Polybius to be played: the Apple Court kids have acquired a new passcode, and they have to use it as quickly as possible.

Because for some reason Polybius is kidnapping and using their friends and neighbors. It’s up to the Apple Court gang to save their friends.

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Little Fears Session 6 – Polybius (Part 2)

An awesome birthday party was held at the roller rink, and a large multiplayer game was played. That night, the Apple Court kids woke up in a strange videogame world, and were forced to fight a frog monster.

They’ll have to continue in the game: the only way out is forward. Can these brave warriors fight their way to freedom from the tyranny of Polybius?

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Little Fears Session 5 – Polybius (Part 1)

After some time in the hospital, we go from scary times to happy ones.  It’s Grim’s birthday, and all the Apple Court kids are invited!  Party at the local skating  rink.  Skating, cake, and videogames for all.  What could possibly go wrong?

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Little Fears Session 4 – The Long Way Home (Part 2)

Kieren Crosby has been a missing child for 12 years. If this kid is really who he says he is, where has he been? What happened to him?

Joel’s theory, of course, involves aliens.

Discovering the truth is going to be quite a bit more complicated than that. Can the children of Apple Court unravel the strange mystery surrounding this boy?
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Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 3

The kids stuck in ISS have managed to weather the gymnasium full of shenanigans, and are on the trail of a sudden, mysterious scream. A black tar has filled the hall, and Fenix and Yuji are tearing after it. Keith and Julie are trying to calm down Alicia, who’s having some kind of fit.

It appears someone is trapped, stuck in what ever place the tar is seeping from. Alicia is able to sense them, and it’s up to the Troy High School delinquents to stage a daring rescue.

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