Little Fears Session 7 – Polybius (Part 3)

It’s Sunday, and it’s time to manipulate Jenna’s mom into driving the gang back to the arcade. There is more Polybius to be played: the Apple Court kids have acquired a new passcode, and they have to use it as quickly as possible.

Because for some reason Polybius is kidnapping and using their friends and neighbors. It’s up to the Apple Court gang to save their friends.

Side Chatter

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  1. I felt that Meteo should have rolled a move check if she fell of the side of the tower after she got shot, because frankly what she was doing was quite dangerous and she knew it, and if she didn’t know it then at least her player knew it, but did it anyway. I don’t feel it would have been mean of you at all. Also good job completing this session Matt, you sounded tired as hell at the end of it. Props.

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