Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 10

Agency Internal Dossier
Verification Code 13-1-4/13-1-24/C
Subject: Dr. Leonitus P. Gash, PhD (Mechanical Engineering and Biological Sciences from Duke University)
Author: “Tom Bondsley”, Field Agent
Special Note: Current Bounty in the State of Deseret, $1000 alive, $100 dead

This is a peculiar one. I have no idea from where this one operates, really. He has too many of his brutish flunkies warding me off the trail. But on the condition that I not try to speak to him in person, he’s agreed to maintain written correspondence. Will redouble location efforts if given more human resources explicitly to do so. So we all know that this is the scientist responsible for the modified limbs of the worker class in Deseret, both before and after he became a wanted man. The popular story is that he gained his bounty when the workers started removing their own limbs to gain replacements, rather than simply replacing what was lost. But that doesn’t seem to be the whole story, considering that receiving voluntary limb replacement remains a legal act, even if performing it is now a crime. The true reasons are up to speculation, but an infiltrated assistant in Hellstromme Industries found a copy of Gash’s bounty marked for review, sitting at a thousand dead OR alive. It seems Hellstromme convinced Deseret to lower the dead bounty. Which means Hellstromme wants to encourage him coming into captivity alive. No easy task, frankly. The people love this man. Or at least his arms and legs.

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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 36

It is not the sound of thunder that heralds footsteps
Nor the valor of Soldiers that bring us the rain
The mountains are not cities
The moon is no blade
And though a man is not a force
Not earth
Nor death
A man is more than blood and breath
Perhaps we are not the angels
But they rally to our call
To all the fearful
The harmed
The sullen
Look to your brothers and hear their prayers
Let their courage become your own
And the radiance of their zeal break the shadows
To us
To Avacyn

Poem by Saint Traft, penned five days before his death

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Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 9

Agency Internal Dossier
Verification Code 3-18-15-23-12-5-25
Subject: Dr. R. Percy Sitgreaves, PhD (Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University)
Author: “Tom Bondsley”, Field Agent

Dr. R. Percy Sitgreaves, owner of Infinity Press (the publishers of the Smith and Robards New Science Catalog) and former R&D scientist for Smith and Robards proper, is a bit of an anomaly among modern scientists. And after all the other dossiers on the subject, that is not a claim made lightly. Not only does he practice both modern magic and modern science, he professes theories that combine the two in some way. Nonsense of course. but it seems to have aided his endeavors in both fields. I attempted to speak to some of our local scientist operatives to leverage this benefit, but they either laughed me out of the room or claimed they already knew the theory intimately, but refused to speak more on the subject because I “wouldn’t understand.” This was often followed by asking how the name was spelled. One would think subtlety would be more common among Agency operatives. Regardless, R. Percy Sitgreaves is a man of many mysteries well worth further investigation, not the least of which is what that damned R stands for.

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Gobblin’ – The True Spirit of Goblin Day

It’s that time of year again (probably). When it starts getting cold, that’s when every goblin that remembers celebrates Goblin Day, a time to eat and relax and reflect on… where did we come from again?

The party lives in Mauler, a former human shopping mall where the goblins have settled inside various stores as their homes. It’s large and sturdy for what goblins are used to (compared to huts and rubble), so life has been pretty cushy here.

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Tales of the Arabian Nights at Gen Con 2018

In Tales of the Arabian Nights, you are the hero or heroine in a story of adventure and wonder worthy of legend. Travel the land seeking your destiny and fortune. Along the way, you’ll encounter interesting people and strage creatures, learn stories, and gain wisdom to share with others. While there is a winner in Tales of the Arabian Nights, the game is less about seeing who wins and more about enjoying the unfolding and telling of great stories!

Enter the lands of the Arabian Nights alongside Sindbad, Scheherazade, Ali Baba, Zumurrud, and other legendary heroes. Travel the world encountering imprisoned princesses, powerful efreets, evil viziers, and marvels such as the Magnetic Mountain and the Cave of Wonders. Encounter a new creature or place every turn, but know that the choices you make will shape the rest of your travels. You might stumble upon hidden treasure and become wealthy beyond your imagination, or you could become accursed with your fate placed in the hands of another player! With an entire deck of encounter cards and the massive Book of Tales shaping how each encounter plays out, no two stories will be the same.

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