Legend of the Five Rings – Writ of Justice (Part 1)

A group of magistrates are called to The Gentle Blossom by nobleman Otomo Soujin, whose son Kokari has been kidnapped by the local Yakuza thugs for a huge ransom.  With no way to bring the police in on this issue, he called in enforcers that the criminals will not immediately recognize.

Note: The first twenty minutes of this recording were lost as a result of issues in our first attempts to use Google Hangouts for recording.  There is a recap by Axe included in the beginning.

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7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 17

After a harrowing crawl through ancient Syrneth ruins punctuated by modern Montaigne sewer systems and various interactions with gems that may or may not steal souls, the crew of the Fantoma Reine now finds themselves face to face with personal Fate Witches of L’Emperor and their only way out of this nightmare to head through his palace, where discovery can lead to beheading.  Furthermore, the witches seem to understand the problematic Black Strands bound to the captain’s heart, but will not reveal their secrets until they are free from the palace.

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Dark Heresy Finale – Awakening Darkness (Part 2)

The inquisition and investigation of the inquisitor is underway.  After encountering the Sororitas in the Library, the inquisitors learn that the saint in the catacombs was actually possessed by a demon and is being contained, not stored. An exorcism is in order.  Can the Inquisition cleanse this unholy realm?

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Leverage – The Magic Job

When you work as a magician, every detail of your life must remain a mystery.  It makes things complicated in the day-to-day, and further complicates things when you’re implicated in stealing a seventy-carat diamond from a local museum.

Fortunately, strange victims will have strange connections, and in a pinch you may want those people who can see through your every illusion.

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7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 16

The crew of the Fanoma Reine has, for now at least, evaded the Inquisition forces.  It was not without considerable loss:  The crew is bearing a great many injuries from the fight in the palace and the subsequent fight and chase with the inquisition death squad, which left a few members subject to a hailstorm of gunfire.

Tired and bedraggled, the crew stumbled into the underground city of Petit Charouse, founded by a disgraced invisible college member, populated by the untouchables, and led by an explorer with a nasty-looking gauntlet.

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