Ugly Talk Episode 15 – Twin Peaks and MICE Quotient

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Twin Peaks was a TV series by David Lynch and Mark Frost about the murder of the Homecoming Queen Laura Palmer in the sleepy town of Twin Peaks, Washington.  We share the experiences and explore the town through Dale Cooper, a federal agent called in to investigate the murder.

The M.I.C.E. quotient is a writing foundation credited to Orson Scott Card, known most notably for his science fiction series Ender’s Game.  The basic idea as listed in the acronym is that every story seed falls into the categories of milieu, idea, character, or event.  You will have many of these story ideas overlapping and building upon one another in the course of your story, but the important thing is that you resolve them in the reverse of the order you introduce them.

The structure of the early episodes and the subsequent failure of Twin Peaks can be heavily traced to MICE (among other things), and in this episode, we will discuss MICE through Twin Peaks, and how you can apply it to your own writing.

Media Discussed in this Episode:

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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 6

The hunters, the farmers, the smiths and the sellers…  Were they proud? The city of Pallas, greyed over from sky and age, lives under the low hanging light of the harvest moon, a forest of a town where the hawthorn trees poke from the roofs.

But here they were between everything: The wilds and civilization, riches and desolation, the church and those outside.  And to many those disparate images had little left. Though that band of road hardened travelers, mystics, warriors, fools had roamed into town, they paid it little mind. What was one more party of strangers in a city under thumb of fiend and zealot.

Yet still beneath the branches and painted signs, the sounds of the ravens still caw…

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Curse of Innistrahd Extras – Character Ideas and Motivation

This is a “get to know the characters” sort of episode recorded on a night when there wasn’t really enough time to play a proper game.  If you want to listen to the players of Curse of Innistrahd explain how they came up with their characters, listen in.

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Innistrahd Status Update

Hello Internet!

As you might have noticed, the posted Episode 5 of Curse of Innistrahd was the incorrect episode.  We have now uploaded the correct episode, so please re-download episode 5 to get the proper one.

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Rogue Trader – Collective Threat Episode 9

It turns out that when it comes to starship navigation, like all things, you get what you pay for.  The orkish warphead brought onto the Brilliant Resolve had a very unique method of interacting with the warp runes that caused the ship to move very quickly through the warp, although sideways and partly inside out.  The crew is now interacting with horrors man was not meant to know and finding themselves slightly possessed by the horrors of the warp.

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