Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 7

Agency Internal Dossier
Verification Code 20-5-19-12-1
Subject: Dr. Gregory Tremane, PhD/Professorship (Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Author: “Tom Bondsley”, Field Agent

Dr. Gregory Tremane is, to put it mildly, a doddering old man beyond his years. Interacting with him is almost an exercise in futility, but it’s clear from his works that he is a beyond brilliant, if largely absent-minded scientist. To his credit, he’s found a way to put himself wholly off the junkyard power grid, though there’s speculation that the method he uses to power his house fried his brain years ago. Even still, for multiple reasons, he is dangerous and not to be overlooked. Not only is he the mind behind Smith and Robards’ now-famous “Electrostatic Armaments”, his house itself is a deathtrap of disrepair on top of a mountain. Recommend biweekly surveillance. By more recently recruited Agents. It would not do to lose a more experienced Agent to a ninety-foot drop in the name of checking in on a man that’s barely aware of his surroundings.

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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 33

It’s happening dear listeners. A break in the shadows. A bastion that held against the hawks swirling around our sheep and vigilant wolves. Hurt. Tired. Empty. But alive. And with life comes strength, weary or no. And with strength, victory is made possible. Even now I ache as I lean over my journals, recounting their tales and pains. They have come so far, nearly broken and failing, my words spilling unbidden in attempts to salvage them. But here the resolute are made, and directions are chosen.

Here we begin to see heroes, and see their cloying burgeoning chance to cling at hope.
Please join with me to pray that it does not strangle them.

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Red Markets at Gen Con 2018

The military controlled enclave is home to the First Bank of the Loss, started as an effort for small-time loan sharks to cut their leg breaking overhead. Lenders from Trabajo, Cheyenne, and Middle Distance created a network of standards and shared biometric-based background checks to cut down on fleeing borrowers. The Bank continues to grow, including into some slave-economy enclaves where delinquent borrowers can work off their debt. Recently, the bank has shifted focus towards improving their day-to-day operating standards, and need a Taker crew to retrieve a laminating machine from an abandoned DMV office.  The Telluride Funeral Services company has been called to retrieve that printer.  Just another day at the office.

CONTENT WARNING: Violence against children.

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