Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 8

Her house was neat. Impossibly so, especially considering the stagnant state of town and the cavalcade of needy that shuffled through her arched doors. It was midday as her sons, foolish boys that looked more like a memory everyday, were out inflicting their presence out on the town, even as daily the town inflicted it’s way back through fools and the fearful.

Her house was neat. A by product of immaculate attention and wealth that the town had mostly forgotten outside the Baroness. The town always felt like it expected to be older money than it was, and she was happy to be one source of whispers. Both in, and out. And today the whispers grew louder.

Her house was neat. Because she needed it to stay that way. Follow the rules. Do not stand out despite name and deed seeming so loud before that fool of an inquisitor and her bold strokes that left cloven into her two narrow categories of the world with a fervent bloodlust. It’s a shame that the lady inquisitor made such a mess.

Her house was neat; before he came to visit. He knew subtlety when he wished, though a vampire’s subtlety is not the same. He spoke in honeyed words, the same as the first time he spoke to her as such a young girl with no view of the world but sadness. And suddenly Lady Wachter remembers, all those years before when she first knew the beauty and the idyllic danger of her lord… And how their house had been… So messy.

It had been years before the signs of blood left the bedroom. But those years were buried under more. Now his confidant voice leaves again, leaving her alone in the midday dark of a briefly empty home, a powerful woman of rumor exhaling to herself. She whispers something to the obscure space of the passing day. And though I apologize, I do not know it’s contents dear listener, because for once on Innistrad, no one heard it.

For when they’d come, the house would be neat.

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Rogue Trader – Collective Threat Episode 11

After some “aggressive negotiations,” the crew finds themselves again in full possession of the Brilliant Resolve.  With one disaster averted, it’s time to fly directly into one.  The ever-faithful ork navigator has pushed the button and moved directly towards the warp by way of The Cauldron.  Flying once again into almost certain death for a percentage of the crew, Faydra Ramirez gives an inspiring speech over the sounds of human screams as they fly off to gain some much needed upper hand over their rivals.

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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 7: That Old Black Magic

It is with caution dear listener that I must remind you of the shadows that fill every waking moment and breath in the Outland Valleys. My contrition for sharing this knowledge is deep, for every moment of these brave and foolish adventurers lives must be riddled with at least one salient thought: Who, or what, is watching them? There is no moment of respite for those who fate takes a shine to. And in Pallas behind ruffled papers and chilly tones, a short scruffy man in an ill fitting suit over his ill fitting skin is the first observer. It’s quiet words he shares with those higher, but those words become like gold as it travels up the chain, and reaching up to the top as unto blood.

But the pale haired woman at the end of the valuable words smiles a decadent smile that conveys a surplus of self confidence drowned in opulence, but bearing the features of someone all too familiar. “They certainly never stop being entertaining. I can’t wait to see her.” she says to no one despite the sycophant at her heel. She stands, a cascade of shimmering red fabric and too artful motions. “We’ll see what they can do.”

And then she was gone.

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Rogue Trader – Collective Threat Episode 10

If you mess with the Prime Factorum, you’ll have to pay the consequences.  In this case, literally.

The crew of the Brilliant Resolve has found their accounts frozen. Without any means of paying for her extravagant lifestyle, Faydra Ramirez must now make amends to the Factorum through apology and reminding rebels that they are not allowed to secede from the Imperium.  Once again,  Faydra’s career as a rogue trader remains at stake.  Time to get to work.

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Ugly Talk Episode 15 – Twin Peaks and MICE Quotient

Hello internet!  This is a crosspost from our sister show Ugly Talk!  If you like this episode, be sure to check out the site and listen to the rest, or subscribe via your podcatcher of choice.

Twin Peaks was a TV series by David Lynch and Mark Frost about the murder of the Homecoming Queen Laura Palmer in the sleepy town of Twin Peaks, Washington.  We share the experiences and explore the town through Dale Cooper, a federal agent called in to investigate the murder.

The M.I.C.E. quotient is a writing foundation credited to Orson Scott Card, known most notably for his science fiction series Ender’s Game.  The basic idea as listed in the acronym is that every story seed falls into the categories of milieu, idea, character, or event.  You will have many of these story ideas overlapping and building upon one another in the course of your story, but the important thing is that you resolve them in the reverse of the order you introduce them.

The structure of the early episodes and the subsequent failure of Twin Peaks can be heavily traced to MICE (among other things), and in this episode, we will discuss MICE through Twin Peaks, and how you can apply it to your own writing.

Media Discussed in this Episode:

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