Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 4

The juvenile delinquency adventures continue, with the high schoolers having survived their exploration into a realm of terror.  It’s time to start dealing with all of the fallout from their decisions.

For Yuji, it’s step one: Apologize, step two: don’t knock your girlfriend’s house down. Simple enough.

For the rest of the gang, untangling what’s happening to them isn’t going to be as easy.

Side Chatter


  1. I could spend 3 and a half hours listening to Nate and Manda pretend to be gossiping teenage girls easly.

    1. It’s scary how they not only sound legitimately like teens, they also manage to weave around a bundle of plot points from other games in the process.

      For a game where not a hell of a lot really happened, this was still fun. Keith is starting to grow on me; he started out as a bit of a non-factor, but seeing him get frustrated and stand up for himself in this one nicely fleshed out his personality. Makes you wonder how many ‘apathetic’ kids suffer from the same problems in real life.

  2. God Nate!! Why do you like making so many cool charecters!! First Uncle V now Fenix’s dad! If we want to see them together doing awesome things it will just be you talking to yourself! Next cool charecter you think of hand it off to someone else.

    1. Wow book girl used to live in the halfway home!!!! 😮 😮 :I 😮 And knows Butch. I wonder if she has anything to do with… ah… who was it again. Ahh forget it. Wasn’t important.
      I want empath girl to have a session with Dr.G, I think it would be quite helpful for her. And I would like to see a couple of these characters meet Frieda’s kids.

      1. I think at this moment we all have an ideal why Julie is the way she is, and thats why she has feelings for Goerge, but whats on my mind is if it’s because of that she also has feelings for Fenix because of his fore wings? Or are they natural feeling?

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