Call of Cthulhu – Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays


Last month, people began disappearing near the southern edge of the San Carlos Indian Reservation, west of Phoenix, Arizona. As the Arizona highway patrol and the Apache tribal police began to investigate, they noticed more disappearances connected to that area. Tourists and locals have vanished along State Road 70 along with an Apache sheep rancher, Victorio Begay, and his wife and kids – plucked seemingly right from their beds.

The national press has already picked up the story, dubbing the stretch of road “The Devil’s Highway.”

FBI Special agents Erin Honeycutt and Barnabus Keene  have been brought in to head the investigation – using the pretext that since there were no bodies, the disappearances are kidnappings and not murders. But State Road 70 hides a dark secret, one that will kill to protect itself.

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Call of Cthulhu – Die High Playtest

diehighsideThe News 88 Heliteam is a crack team of journalists, seasoned in the field. They’ve seen it all. Until now.

It’s July of 2012, and the News Team is finishing a report on a police chase winding its way through Chicago when they see something horrific happen at several hundred feet in the air.

The upper reaches of Chicago hold a terrifying entity, and it won’t take an ace reporter to figure out it can get very lonely up in the sky.

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Call of Cthulhu – Disciples of the Worm


Having survived their encounter with the entity known as The Traveler, Special Agents Keene and Honeycutt find themselves tasked by Ms. Green to investigate a multiple homicide in the desert.

There, they find a man clinging to life, and a door that opens onto an ancient, horrible secret.

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Call of Cthulhu – The Fall Without End (Part 1)

1931: North Peak of Mount McKinley: from base to peak, it is the tallest mountain on land, and 3rd highest point above sea level on the entire earth. At 20,320 feet tall, its twin peaks dominate the horizon for much of the Alaskan wilderness, prompting the natives to call it Denali, meaning “the tall one.”

Mount McKinley holds a prize for those daring enough to climb it, but the mountain is fierce. It will not give up its summit easily.

The Fall Without End is a Hebanon Games Scenario. It can be found here.
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Call of Cthulhu – The Fall Without End (Part 2)

Halfway to the summit of Mount McKinley, three teams of prospective American Heroes cling to the ice in desperation. Above them, their goal lies swaddled in creatures that defy imagining. Below them, only failure and the sweeping of their names from history.

Which will they chose?

The Fall Without End is a Hebanon Games Scenario. It can be found here.
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