Call of Cthulhu – Operation: Carpetbagger


June 30th, 1944. The Allied Invasion of Europe is less than a week away, and the 492nd Bombardment Group – the “Carpetbaggers” – are building up to a massive concerted effort to drop spies and supplies to resistance groups inside Fortress Europa. Their delivery vessels are specially modified B-24 Liberators designed to be as stealthy as possible. The nighttime missions are dangerous and desperate, and it will require a mixture of daring, skill, and tenacity in order to survive.

Hunting Horror by Crazon. Find his work here:

Side Chatter


  1. Hey guys, I think you put up the side chatter instead of the actual game. Fix plox? Looking forward to this one!

    1. Author

      No, this is the game. It appears the unedited version was uploaded to the site. We will correct this as soon as we can.

    2. Author

      We have reuploaded the content.

  2. The term for a round in the chamber with the hammer cocked and safety on is referred to as “condition 1”. “Condition 2” is round in the chamber with hammer down. “Condition 3” (also know as “Israeli carry”) is empty chamber hammer down.
    Also when carrying with an extra round in the chamber and full mag it’s know as +1. With the 7 round mag in the1911A1 you would refer to it as “7+1”.

    1. Metal Wolf Chaos. I recently watched somebody playing that. It was MAGICAL.
      You HAVE to at least WATCH somebody playing that.
      My favourite quote to describe it: “A game this American could only come from Japan.”
      Everyone involved goes full Hot Blooded HAM!
      ‘Believe in your JUSTICE!’
      As far as I saw in the play-through I watched, the story is delivered in English with Japanese subtitles, mechanics stuff is in Japanese.

      1. Oops, wrong position in thread. Oh well.

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