Red Markets 10K Lakes – The Frogger

As the cruel winter subsides, one last cold front moves in to rock Upper Minnesota.  Will our intrepid entrepreneurs be able to cross the perilous roads and find their target, or will the cruel wheels of fate smash them into the pavement?

This is part of an ongoing interpodcast series.  This episode can be consumed on its own but the greater archives of RM10k Lakes as well as the setting summary can be found here.  Apologies also for the audio quality this episode.

Side Chatter


  • Ian – Tora. A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears. (She/Her)
  • Sean – Stitches. A Black Math paramedic. (He/Him)
  • David – Longshot. A dispossessed Canadian that hasn’t let the apocalypse ruin his good nature…even if he has to kill you. (He/Him)

3 thoughts on “Red Markets 10K Lakes – The Frogger”

    1. Thank you, Crazon ^_^

      Crazy Noir P.I. is currently getting statted up as my eventual replacement for Longshot once he is no longer able to be played as a character. I had a request to do so from one of the GM’s, so Noir is coming to 10K more frequently. Eventually. Because Trouble always seems to walk in…

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