Red Markets 10k Lakes – Lumber Liquidators

Another day in the upper ten thousand lakes, another potential dollar for the enterprising crew of Freelance, a taker group that has made a name for itself in many ways, most of them bad.  A few new takers enter the fold and a few old ones come about to help the expanding business of Meadow Lands, the residents of which are looking to get into the business of more than simple farming.

This is part of an ongoing interpodcast series.  This episode can be consumed on its own but the greater archives of RM10k Lakes can be found here.

Side Chatter


  • Ray – Colt. Combat medic who can gun two ways. (They/Them)
  • Chris – Allensworth. A combat medic who has gunned two ways.
  • Ian – Tora. A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears. (She/Her)
  • Nick – Pulse.  An undercover operative for StopLoss out to help them hunt immunes.
  • Sean F. – Stitches. A Black Math paramedic looking to spread his own gospel.

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