Gobblin – Super Slime Time

Things were nice and peaceful in the goblins’ village. They lived on the remains of a human summer camp, enjoying their moldy leftovers and abandoned cabins. Their simple lives are disrupted when a tiny robot throws a poster on their wall offering fabulous prizes for those who can brave “Gameshow Planet,” the crumbling old tv studio that used to hold all sorts of ridiculous human contests. Three of their boldest goblins take it upon themselves to prove that they have what it takes to earn their prizes, dodge deadly traps, scale collapsing sets, and learn the identity of the mysterious Mr. Springtime that hosts these sadistic games.

Side Chatter


  • Matt – Boomboom Dynamite the Karate Master.  A loudmouth Karate Expert who studied the human art of pro wrestling to mimic their moves and rallying rants about title shots.
  • Kevin – Nerdo the Hero.  The cool and steady Hero who’s a local legend in these parts. Always looking slick with his prop katana, sunglasses and oversized trench coat.
  • Greg – Caution the Shootamancer. A jolly gun-toting Shootomancer who acts as the half-witted heart of the team.

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