Don’t Lose Your Quarter

Arcade 7

Video game worlds collide when two unwitting characters are dragged into an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations!

Side Chatter

Character Generation


  • Kevin – Abner. Color commentator on Big League Baseball 2010.
  • Freepork – Ooze-y. Standard mook from World 3-2 of Bounce Boy 3: Return of the Ooze.

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  1. the game was incredibly fun. the unfamiliarity with the system and setting stood out a bit, but didn’t ruin anything. it was still a fun and funny world, and there’s clearly a ton of worlds to be visited or built. one shot or compaign, I do hope to see more of it

    as far as the confusion over Exhaustion, I thought it could work as the initial idea for wanting to return to their game. call it Alienation or the like, and if the character is especially scared or going through a lot of changes, they panic or have an existential crisis and return to their game to cool off and get some down time (presumably most of a session unless the party pursues them)
    So Oozey goes through all this running from princesses and getting magic jump shoes and seeing all matter forming a giant blob, he could fill up his Exhaustion/Alienation and want to go back to the quiet life of walking between blocks, at least for a while

    as far as a campaign, the system and setting does seem to lend itself to more episodic stuff like this. it could have been drawn out if Matt had felt like it, creating a separate world of, say, having to break into a Donkey Kong for a super hammer or bomb barrel to break a Trojan out of the Quarantine Zone. it just requires a lot more forethought than most of the game lends itself to

    of course, Abner and Oozey could have new motives, or gotten their fingers into the pies of King Pong that he calls in later for repayment or further favors.

    I was curious to see what a more Fighty vs Flighty character would do in the world, though

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