Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 94 – The End


A reckoning, heard. A battle fiercely raged. A tide, turning. It is time for those mired in the struggle to determine how things will come to an end.

Will the children of Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home, their friends, and their loved ones survive the firestorm of violence that have swept over them? Who will find their way clear to emerge blinking into a new day?

It is time for those mired in the struggle to determine how things will come to an end.

Today’s sidechatter contains spoilers! Be sure to listen AFTER THE EPISODE!

Side chatter

This episode features absolutely excellent music from Within the Giant. Check them out here!



  1. I’m kinda sad to download this. All good things, and so forth…

  2. Ahhh, finale. Well done, guys. That was a long, fun run, and I enjoyed every minute. Time to check out the exploits of those Russian kids next…

  3. Ok, so listening to this thus far, I have to mockup movie poster ideas, Namazu in the style of the new Godzilla flick, and the whole Frieda’s gang in place on a mock-up of the poster for the order of the Phoenix… Thanks Guys, this’ll be fun!

  4. No I’m not crying, shut up.

    That was beautiful, guys.

    1. I cannot listen to Sergio Harper anymore without getting a little misty eyed.

  5. No it cant be the ending!! although I love it from the beginning when Manny was brought to Friedas to well having to leave troy in rubble
    this was a great adventures guys thanks so much for creating Friedas.

  6. If I ever win the lottery I want to make this into an animated series. Thanks for a wild ride!

    1. Yes. All of the yes.
      As a fan, I’m writing up a screenplay, but I thought I was the only one with these ideas.

  7. The best part about coming into this podcast late is that i could listen to as many episodes as i wanted without having to wait. The worst part is being able to see the end. When i first started this back in July i was gawking at the 94 episode count and wondering if i could even finish all of them. And yet, somehow, now that I’ve finally reached the finale i’m actually sad to see it end.
    And I’m going to miss listening to those kids you’ve all played so well. But every story has its ending i suppose.

    However they say every ending is just a new beginning. So I’m going to check out some of the other RPGs you have done. And keep an eye out for any new ‘Monsters And Other Childish Things’ content. After all, who knows what i might find next.

    1. Thanks so much for enjoying it and taking the time to listen! We love knowing that this story continues to entertain. If you are interested in a little behind the scenes, when Frieda’s ended we did a LIVE QnA which is up on youtube for people to see
      As far as what to listen to next, we have a ton of content! My personal favorites are the Wild Talents Prominence and Ashton campaigns, but everything is pretty great! Thank you for listening!

  8. Oh Lordy, it’s over. It’s really over. This has been a huge, horrifying, hilarious, mind-rending, stay-up-til-3-in-the-morning (that being because of ‘The One Where Evryone Dies’, for clarification) joyride of total fucking insanity, feels and terror. You guys are just- Just the fucking best. Really.

    I may write something inspired by this. Just…not ‘directly’ if you get me. The close of this campaign and the Q&A session left some very interesting questions blowing in the wind.

    Anyway. Thankyou for being there to fill in the gaps around work, rest, chores, gym, holiday and one particularly uninteresting work training day. May this campaign live on in infamy: This is how it should be done.

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