Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 92 – The Storm (Part 2)


Mr. Siva has disappeared. Fenix and Julie are leading an MIB strike team on a wild goose chase through Troy. Etsu and Nele infiltrated the MIB headquarters, and discovered that the secret organization is using the Underworld to move troops and war machines.

The balloon has gone up: the war has started early. There is only time for a few moments of last planning before Troy is plunged into fire and blood.

Side chatter

This episode features absolutely excellent music from Within the Giant. Check them out here!



  1. It’s no “Heroes of New Arcadia”… I’m so joking! I swear.

    God that Freida scene. Bad-ass! This is going to be an amazing finale.

  2. Man, I am so excited to see this amazing map and hear about these crazy homebrew mass-combat rules you guys cooked up.

  3. I always figured that Frieda had had experience with weird stuff when she was younger and was just ignoring all of the shit that happened in town to try and make sure the kids felt calm.

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